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March 31, 2020 by Stephen Law

Voltage controlled oscillator operates at 4800MHz

CRYSTEK CVCO55CC-4800-4800 VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) operates at 4800MHz with a control voltage range of 0.5V~4.5V. Device provides a typical phase noise of -102dBc/Hz @ 10KHz offset and has enhanced linearity. Output power is typically +4dBm. Engineered and manufactured in…
November 3, 2018 by Stephen Law

Oscillator serves next gen networking, RF designs

FUTURE ELECTRONICS Abracon AX7 ClearClock oscillator for next generation networking and RF applications provides low power consumption, while maintaining typical jitter of 119fs. Device delivers widest-in-class frequency range from 50MHz to 2.1GHz, lowest-in-class power consumption of 70mA MAX Idd (LVDS),…
October 15, 2017 by Stephen Law

Ultra-stable VCTCXO satisfies key performance criteria for LTE-A, WCDMA

IQXT-316 series Voltage Controlled Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (VCTCXO) is ‘best-in-class’ low jitter, tight stability and utilizes proprietary ASIC technology to meet the tight short and medium term stability requirements (±50ppb to ±250ppb depending on the operating temperature range) required…
December 8, 2016 by Stephen Law

Crystal oscillators combine wide frequency range and low jitter

NDK AMERICA NP5032S and NP7050S oscillators combine small size with low jitter performance, while providing different package size options for more flexibility. The wide frequency range of 15MHz to 2.1GHz and low jitter makes them suitable for high-speed serial communications…