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June 4, 2020 by Stephen Law

IR LED emitter serves remote control units

NTE ELECTRONICS NTE30116 5mm Infrared LED emitter with blue tint lens are used for remote control applications. Device utilizes the 940nm wavelength, which is what most infrared receivers are receptive to. Equipped with a 5V Vr, devices come with a 5mm…
May 11, 2020 by IDTechEx, Cambridge UK

What you should know about micro-LED displays

Various motivations are driving the development of micro-LED displays
January 3, 2020 by Stephen Law

Space-saving UV Lamp cures adhesives

DELO DELOLUX 503 compact, space-saving LED Curing UV Lamp for adhesive curing is suitable for industrial applications requiring small surfaces to be bonded within seconds in serial production lines. Unit’s light is directed diagonally downwards, so it does not need…
October 6, 2019 by Stephen Law

Panel mount LED indicators serve harsh environments

LEDTRONICS PT503B series of energy-saving LED panel indicators are geared to harsh environments where durability and accurate light reading are vital. Devices are IP66 rated and create negligible heat generation and are sunlight-visible LED light colors. Energy-saving devices are suitable…
July 11, 2019 by Stephen Law

Compact LEDs boost light intensity

WüRTH ELEKTRONIK WL-SMCC series of SMT chip LEDs are compact and available in 0402 and 0603 packages, while characterized by a full-surface lens design and a significantly higher light intensity than competitor products. Both device package types are available in…
June 25, 2019 by Mark Ritzheimer, senior product manager, thermal products, Advanced Energy

Taking the temperature of the white-hot micro LED market

Micro LEDs have better performance over LCD displays, including significant higher resolution and contrast, better color saturation, lower latency and lower energy requirements.
May 8, 2019 by Stephen Law

LED Indicator offers RGB illumination lens options

APEM Q Series LED Indicator line now includes RGB illumination lens option and can be customized to provide a vast assortment of tones and colors, including cyan, magenta, yellow and white. The LED lens is available in flush or prominent…
April 1, 2019 by Stephen Law

LED Indicators come with RGB illumination lens

APEM LED indicators with RGB illumination lens shine brilliant and bright to provide high quality illumination for attractive, functional and innovative designs. The RGB indicators are customizable and offer a vast array of colors and tones.  With the mixing of…
March 28, 2019 by Stephen Law

Automotive qualified LED drivers deliver 250mA output

NEXPERIA NCR32xx and 40 V NCR42xx series AEC-Q101 qualified constant current LED drivers drive low- and medium-power LEDs up to 250mA. The 16V devices are available in two package styles, the space-saving SOT457 (SC-74) and the SOT223 (SC-73), a slightly-larger…
February 14, 2019 by Stephen Law

LED strip connectors tackle task of wiring, connecting

NTE LED strip connectors tackle the task of wiring and connecting double density LED strips. Designed specifically for the 2835 and 3528 size, 600 LEDs per reel versions, devices come in two different versions and two different IP ratings. The…
February 4, 2019 by Stephen Law

Nanosilica filled LED curable adhesive is biocompatible

MASTER BOND LED405Med is a one component, LED curing adhesive system that meets ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity requirements for use in medical device assembly. Product has a nanosilica filler resulting in both lower shrinkage upon cure, as well as improved dimensional…
January 11, 2019 by EP&T Magazine

Samsung unveils future look at displays

Samsung Electronics Canada rolls-out groundbreaking modular micro LED technology at CES