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June 4, 2020 by Stephen Law

RF inductors boost RF signal quality

TDK EPCOS DEA Family of SIMID Series RF Inductors are 1812-C Qualified and feature ceramic/ferrite and ferrite drum cores with flame retardant molding or an injected molded base. The SMT devices are suitable for low pass filter applications. Products are…
May 20, 2020 by Stephen Law

Power inductors feature controlled DCR for sensing circuits

EATON Flat-Pac FP1308R high current, high frequency power inductors provide controlled DCR for sensing circuits, a frequency range up to 2MHz, an inductance range from 110nH to 440nH, and a current range from 37 to 120 Amps. devices come in…
April 14, 2020 by Stephen Law

Surface mount inductors combine low profile, small footprint

TT ELECTRONICS HA74 Family of inductors combine a low profile, small footprint and 3MHz switching capability for efficient, space-saving dcdc converters. Product family is AEC-Q200 certified and specified for operation from -55°C to +155°C. Devices are shielded, have a very…
April 13, 2020 by Stephen Law

Shielded power inductor lowers resistance, boost saturation current

BOURNS Model SRP0xxx series shielded power inductors includes 11 new low resistance, high saturation current devices. Device has a very low profile (less than 2mm), plus a metal alloy powder core and flat wire construction that delivers a range of…
April 8, 2020 by Stephen Law

Power inductors reduce dc resistance by up to 40%

COILCRAFT XGL4030 Series of high-performance, molded power inductors provide up to 40% lower DCR than the previous best-in-class inductors as well as extremely low ac losses, resulting in the best overall efficiency over a wide range of ac ripple current.…
January 7, 2020 by Stephen Law

High voltage molded power inductors boost performance

COILCRAFT XEL401xV, XEL4020V and XEL4030V high voltage, high-performance, molded power inductors provide operating voltage ratings of 120V, 50% higher than the standard versions. Devices deliver low dc resistance and ultra-low ac losses for greater power converter efficiency at high frequencies…
December 15, 2019 by Stephen Law

Shielded surface mount power inductors deliver high reliability

API DELEVAN Series HRSPD125 shielded surface mount power inductors are built to meet mechanical shock, high-frequency vibration, solderability and moisture resistance per MIL-STD-202, thermal shock per MIL-PRF-27 and SnPb reflow profile per MIL-PRF-83446, these low DCR, high current inductors have…
November 5, 2019 by Stephen Law

Compact power inductors optimized for 48V car designs

COILCRAFT AGM2222 Series power inductors provide current ratings up to 110 Amps and low DCR in a package measuring 22 X 22 X 23mm, a 73% volume reduction from previous-generation products. Improvements in power density makes device suitable for high-current…
October 24, 2019 by Stephen Law

Shielded surface mount power inductors suit rugged designs

API DELEVAN HRSPD125 Series of shielded surface mount power inductors for use in high reliability applications use firm’s extensive military-grade knowledge and design expertise. Ruggedized devices meet mechanical shock, high-frequency vibration, solderability and moisture resistance per MIL-STD-202, thermal shock per…
September 3, 2019 by Stephen Law

0402-sized chip inductors are low-profile

COILCRAFT 0402CT Series and 0402FL Series low-profile wire wound chip inductors are now available. 0402CT Series features a ceramic core and has a maximum height of just 0.45mm — a 30% lower profile than competitive products. Offered in 23 inductance…
August 26, 2019 by Stephen Law

High current power inductors deliver automotive grade magnetics

EATON Automotive grade HCM1AV2 product line of high current power inductors suitable for the transportation market, address increased power conversion and filtering requirements. Devices are tested beyond AEC-Q200 Grade 1 requirements for added reliability. Device’s robust molded construction makes it…
June 20, 2019 by Stephen Law

SMD inductor range addresses power density, efficiency challenges

KEMET METCOM series of SMD metal composite power inductors are suitable for developing more efficient dc to dc switching power supplies, as well as other power-related applications including EMI filtering. The metal composite core provides high current saturation characteristics that…