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December 24, 2019 by EP&T Magazine

Delta-Q expands power charging capabilities with VCIM

Delta-Q Technologies, a Vancouver-based provider of battery charging solutions for electric vehicles and industrial equipment, announced the launch of its new Vehicle Charge Interface Module (VCIM), expanding the company’s power charging capabilities to support electric vehicle AC charging stations or…
December 9, 2019 by Stephen Law

‘Auto-in’ 12mm coin cell holders retain under shock, vibration

EMX ENTERPRISES Keystone Electronics 1220 and 1225 ‘Auto-In’ 12mm diameter lithium coin cell battery holders are extremely rugged and suitable for retaining cells securely under shock and vibration in high-density pcb applications. Devices provide design versatility for surface mount applications…
November 14, 2019 by Stephen Law

Lithium thin-film battery boosts energy density

RENATA CP042350 next-generation lithium thin-film battery is made in Switzerland and delivers significantly higher energy density than comparable products on the market. Small but powerful devices are reliable and keep pace with the continuous miniaturization of today’s designs. A rechargeable…
August 21, 2019 by Stephen Law

Slim-line, 20mm coin cell holder is top-loading

EMX ENTERPRISES Keystone Electronics Vertical Mount, Coin Cell Holder allows for top entry of the popular 2032, 2025 or 2x 2016 lithium batteries. The ‘Vibra-Fit’ device retain cells securely under shock and vibration, featuring a UL 94V-0 rated housing and…
July 2, 2019 by Stephen Law

Rechargeable Li-Ion coin cell battery boosts mAh capacity

ILLINOIS CAPACITOR RJD Series advanced rechargeable coin cell battery delivers high level of mAh capacity. Ideal for such electronic devices as fitness bands, security devices, smart watches, dash cams and memory backup, product is different in design from other lithium…
May 28, 2019 by EP&T Magazine

Flexible high-energy Textile Lithium Battery powers wearables

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) developed a battery that demonstrates high energy density of more than 450Wh/L
May 22, 2019 by Stephen Law

Profile coin cell retainer is narrow

EMX ENTERPRISES Keystone Electronics battery connectivity line now provides narrower width retainer for CR2032 & CR2025 coin cells. Devices feature an extremely narrow profile, designed for battery insertion and removal from both directions. Retainer is engineered with dual springs ensuring…
April 4, 2019 by Stephen Law

Reference designs simplify, speed development of battery charging apps

RENESAS ELECTRONICS Reference designs simplify and speed the development of USB Power Delivery (PD3.0) and USB-C battery charging applications such as USB-C computing hubs, power banks, car chargers, SSD enclosures, point of sale (POS) printers, and desktop displays. The RTK-251-1PowerBank3…
March 26, 2019 by Stephen Law

Battery cell surge tester decreases defective rates in production

CHROMA SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS 19311 series battery cell surge tester tests lead-acid battery cell insulation quality between the positive and negative plates of a lead-acid battery cell. Unit applies a high voltage surge/impulse before the electrolyte injection process effectively decreasing defective…
January 28, 2019 by University at Buffalo

Static electricity could charge our electronics

While common in everyday life, the science behind this phenomenon is not well understood
January 22, 2019 by Stephen Law

Lithium-ion smart battery pack delivers 8mm thickness

RRC POWER SOLUTIONS RRC2130 FlatPAQ lithium-ion smart battery pack is thin, coming in an 8mm thickness. Device is suitable for very slim designs, such as the back of a PC display or on a PC board, to allow developers to…
December 8, 2018 by EP&T Magazine

Battery market charging up as industry evolves

IDTechEx report shows batteries are moving to new form factors, becoming ultra-thin, flexible, rollable, stretchable