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Logic Americas seeks Canadian Rep

Logic Americas (a Canadian company) seeks to employ the services of a reputable partner that can act as the firm’s representative in Canada.

Logic Americas is divided into multiple divisions, including an LCD/TFT & Touch Panel Division, and an Embedded Solutions Division.

Logic Americas’ LCD solutions division offers TFT displays from 1.4″ to 15″+, with integrated Resistive and Capacitive Touch Panels, as well as Monochrome LCDs. Logic is a TRUE LCD Manufacture. Logic also offers assemblies within the LCD group that focuses on robustness that allows the Logic products to be used in harsh environments. Logic Americas offers robust, rugged and durable mechanical solutions that are needed for industrial, commercial, medical, automotive, and consumer environments. They support this through automotive and medical approvals directly at the factory.

The Embedded Solutions division supports world-class touch display computers designed in-house from the ground-up, and all with a 7-year supply guarantee, not offered by any other supplier in the industry. Logic offer standard products that are fully customisable for the end user, in Low to High volume applications. Logic also offers full support for Software and Hardware Engineering for all customers working with the embedded solutions.

Logic Americas is completely vertically integrated with full LCD manufacturing in-house. Including LCD Cell Injection, full Surface Mount lines for PCBA needs, Tooling, and Injection for plastics, Fully Automated Optical Bonding Line in-house, and Full Assembly needs when customers want to capture additional cost savings that are supported through the brand new 1,000,000 sq ft facility based in China.

If interested in representing this line in Canada, contact for more information:

admin@logicamericas.com or 519-848-3810

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