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Why modernizing data protection is critical for today’s unplanned disruptions

By Marc Lamanna, senior systems engineer at IEWC   

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While data loss is common, there is no reason to accept it as a fact of lif

Data protection has increasingly come under the microscope as cyber attackers have damaged some of the most well-respected companies and the supply chains that so many businesses rely on. Along with rising security threats, issues such as natural disasters, human errors, and unplanned IT outages also threaten businesses every day.

Research from Zerto shows that 91% of companies have experienced a tech-related business disruption in the past two years, 84% have experienced a malicious attack in the last 12 months, and 56% have experienced unrecoverable data within the last three years.

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While data loss is common, there is no reason to accept it as a fact of life. Modern enterprises cannot afford to lose data; there’s simply too much at stake: the cost of one hour of lost data for most enterprises can total $250,000. For eight hours of data loss, the collective cost can reach $2,000,000.

Aside from this immediate cost to business and the bottom line, customers, partners, stakeholders and employees also expect and rely on data to be seamless and always available. Our customers are one of the reasons we recently made it a priority to modernize our data protection strategy and ensure we could easily recover from any kind of disruption.


Fast recovery point objectives

While our previous data protection system had been effective, it was also complex. At times we experienced errors and maintenance issues, but after several unplanned IT disruptions, we looked for solutions that would be less of a headache.

While evaluating several approaches, we looked for solutions that would offer fast recovery point objectives, which is the last time that an IT system or application can be recovered to. We also wanted the ability to rewind to any point in time without disruption as well as fast recovery time objectives—the amount of time it takes to recover applications and data.

Anyone to step in and save the day

After testing several solutions on the market, we turned to a cloud data management and protection solution from Zerto. It allows us to continuously protect, move, and recover our applications and data at any point in time. It also allows us to eliminate some of the complex manual processes that were required of our previous solution.

With any disruption—whether it’s due to a cyberattack, natural disaster, or human error—data loss can be stressful. We wanted to make it possible for anyone to step in and save the day if we were to experience a disruption. Now anyone on our IT team can migrate and failover with simple, automated processes so that we can focus on protecting the business and keeping data available for our customers.

Database up and running again

Since implementing Zerto, we’ve discovered one of the best features is the journaling functionality, which gives us the ability to rewind to any point in time and recover data without disruption. After a recent unplanned disruption caused corrupted data, this functionality was put to the test. Zerto immediately called our IT team, and within ten minutes, they had the database up and running again without any data corruption.

We’ve learned that maintaining a high-level of protection is extremely important. Modernizing our data protection strategy has given our company peace of mind to continue operations and be available for customers in more than 96 countries despite any disruption.




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