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Partnership is paramount at M.I.S.

By Stephen Law, Editor EP&T   

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CEM leverages its patents to convert customer’s success

A self-made entrepreneur, Saeid Mohmedi’s award-winning contact electronics manufacturing (CEM) business M.I.S. Electronics Inc. has come a long way from its raw beginnings – manually assembling pcb box builds in his basement at home. Incorporated in 1999, the Richmond Hill ON-based CEM has achieved success carving out its niche as a high-quality, full service, turn-key manufacturer serving such specialized design sectors as medical (ISO 13485 certified), aerospace, automotive, security, military, LED lights, AV and commercial communications to name some.

Adding to the firm’s level of comprehension when dealing directly with its customers, Mohmedi comes to the table with a formal education in electronics– not to mention a full complement of product patents that he is willing to leverage for his customer’s benefit.

Customer access to patents

“Each of these patents have the capability to establish many new spin-off companies. If any of these patents relates to what my customers are working on, I will give them licence to use it. This is something not every CEM can do,” he stressed.

Saeid Mohmedi, founder and president of Richmond Hill Ontario-based contract manufacturer M.I.S. Electronics Inc.

As a recent example, an existing M.I.S. customer involved with mining on behalf of Bitcoin, required a device that works cooperatively with existing field machinery. So, the M.I.S. engineering team applied its patented ‘live’ fingerprint-touch biometric authentication to the customer’s product design.


“This made it more secure and reliable – thus, eliminating such issues as hacking,” enthuses Mohmedi. “Each of these patents has the potential to spawn another 10 to 15 different businesses.”

Patent use in multiple sectors

Mohmedi explains how his patent for ‘live’ touch technology could conceivably be used in multiple design sector areas, such as security, home or garage door entry, automobiles, banking credit cards, etc. Some other patents currently held by M.I.S. include those relating to fluid dispensing systems, control systems for public washrooms, and drive systems for electric vehicles.

“We are trying to bring manufacturing to Canada in a sustainable way. We are not going to compete with China when it comes to strictly costs of manufacturing consumer electronic items – nobody can,” says the founder’s son Tiam Mohmedi, director of sales and marketing at M.I.S.  “Our end goal is to bring manufacturing locally – as we want Canadian products to be made in Canada by Canadians. Also by finding the most economical and sustainable and secure way to do so.”

M.I.S. has longstanding, loyal relationships with its customer base.

Tiam refers specifically to the arrival of new customers – which have chosen to re-shore after experiencing challenges with CEMs overseas – mostly relating to part shortages and longer lead-times.

Increased automation within CEM arena

“When you are dealing with a large (CEM) company that is pumping out products on a mass scale, they are not really worried about the ‘nitty-gritty’ of any given project. And, when problems arise relating to traceability, the language barrier and time-zone differences – it’s very hard to find solutions to these problems,” the younger Mohmedi reasons.

“It’s the right decision to make for a lot of companies, to relocate manufacturing operations here in Canada. Obviously it’s not a move some OEMs can make – especially right now, but things are changing,” he says, referencing increased automation within the CEM arena in Canada, not to mention the level of quality delivered in Canada.

Elite service

While most of the CEM’s diverse clients are based in Canada, M.I.S. has longstanding, loyal relationships with its customer base. Product quality remains a top priority, all while staying competitive on pricing, according to Tiam.

Tiam Mohmedi, director of sales and marketing at M.I.S.

“We have some customers that have been with us for more than two-decades. They recognize the level of service we provide,” says Saeid. “I’d rather have 40 good quality customers with solid relationships than 400 routine clients. This way I can really focus on those select customers and deliver a level of quality that is hard to duplicate elsewhere. If you are not engaged with your customer – it could lead to miscommunication, thus lost time and money on a project. Our customers recognize M.I.S. as a member of their own team.”

“We service a customer base that wants a reliable source for manufacturing – without any headaches,” Saeid says. “We are a very capable partner,” Tiam adds.



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