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Delta-Q unveils new charging solutions for e-vehicles, industrial equipment

By Sohail Kamal, West Tech Report   

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Reinforcing its position as a leading provider of battery charging solutions that improve the performance and reliability of electric drive vehicles and industrial equipment, Burnaby BC-based Delta-Q Technologies Corp. recently introduced two new IC series battery charging solutions to its diverse product portfolio.
The new IC900 and IC1200 Industrial Battery Chargers join the firm’s IC650 Charger to form a common charging platform for use across manufacturers’ product lines. Application uses include electric lift trucks and automated guided vehicles (AGVs), scooters and motorcycles, floor care machines, aerial work platforms and utility vehicles.


Ken Fielding CEO, co-founder & president

West Tech Report had the opportunity to speak with Delta-Q’s CEO, Ken Fielding, about the firm’s growth and its blueprint for success.

Q: Prior to co-founding Delta-Q in 1999, you worked at StatPower. What led you to branch out and start Delta-Q?

“I started Delta-Q with Rob Cameron, an engineer. We saw a huge opportunity in vehicle electrification and an opportunity to combine strengths,” explains Fielding. “I started out as a product manager, and cut my teeth working in a B2B environment at StatPower with its long sales cycles.”
Fielding gained more than 22-years of experience in the power electronics industry, having worked on the development and launch of several innovative power conversion product platforms. Fielding oversaw and co-led the development of dc-dc inverter/charger product lines for Statpower (now a subsidiary of Schneider Electric). Ken earned a Bachelor’s degree locally from Simon Fraser University in marketing and finance.


Q: What has helped Delta-Q grow since then?

“[We grew] by marrying our knowledge of power electronics from our time at StatPower with a good niche and a market that was poised for growth globally,” Fielding says. “Delta-Q’s success came from providing custom solutions for customers with an unrelenting pursuit of reliability.”
Delta-Q is an international leader in chargers for golf carts, serving the largest manufacturers in that industry.
“In that market, we’ve developed excellence in supplying in large volumes, and much of that success comes from creating custom chargers, meeting the reliability, charge quality and integration concerns of our clients,” Fielding adds.

Delta-Q provides ‘charge quality’ for lithium-ion and lead acid batteries using charge profiles developed in their battery lab. These high-performance profiles balance battery life, longevity and charge time requirements. Delta-Q has commercialized more than 50 charge profiles, ensuring that users experience better runtime and flexibility for different battery chemistries.
“We charge batteries, but the investment we have made…in charge algorithms…is our secret sauce, and that comes from our amazing team. A really high quality charge that enables batteries to survive in demanding use cases,” Fielding explains.

Q: What about your competition, what makes Delta-Q stand out?

“We are supplying companies that run like auto companies, doubling down on providing quality parts that will survive. Customers want innovation at the right price, delivered on-time and highly reliable,” says Fielding. Delta-Q’s ability to deliver on reliability, using best practices of design for reliability and design for manufacture, which are proven on the supply chain side, are fundamental to their strategy: “We saw high reliability and platform design as a key competitive differentiator. I think it is one of the fundamental reasons for why we are growing.”

Q: Do you have any advice for a budding entrepreneur?

“One of our corporate values is perseverance. We do live that. Our sales cycles are very long. Build relationships, stay true to vision, that is fundamental to a start-up,” says Fielding. “We have a saying called, ‘do the right thing’. Sometimes, there can be problems along the way, like a wrong or failing part, but we don’t shy away, we jump in, and stand behind our products when gremlins pop up. We have lived that and that has set us apart.”

To read a design for reliability white paper from Delta-Q Technologies, go to: http://delta-q.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Delta-Q_WhitePaper_Charger-Onboard-Charging-Reliability-LT.pdf



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