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Customizability is key with enclosure maker

By Sohail Kamal, EP&T West Coast Correspondent   

Electronics Brenco custom customized electrical enclosures

Brenco matches electrical enclosures to customers’ needs

Hyper-focused on working closely with its customers, Brenco Industries has carved a niche for delivering tailored electrical enclosure solutions across Canada. The Delta BC-based manufacturer builds its end-product to match with each customer’s designs and material preferences.

West Coast Report recently had the opportunity to connect with Tyler McLeod, partner and sales manager of Brenco Industries, about the firm’s construction processes, material options, and importance of customer collaboration.

Source: Brenco

The construction process at Brenco begins with the customer’s requirements, which can range from a simple overall view to a detailed 3D model. The company creates individual drawings for each enclosure component, which are translated into CNC (computer numerically controlled) machine code through programming software. This enables profile cutting machines, usually lasers, to cut the precise shape of each part from flat sheet metal.

If necessary, the flat parts are bent in a press brake, followed by a fabricator and/or welder assembling and welding the components together. Enclosures can consist of anywhere from five to a few hundred parts, depending on the design complexity.


Material options

Customers typically specify the material type they prefer, according to McLeod. “Mild steel is the cheapest, galvannealed steel offers some corrosion resistance, stainless steel offers more corrosion resistance, and aluminum is lighter,” McLeod says.

Electrical enclosures play a crucial role in ensuring safety, protecting equipment, and optimizing system performance across various industries and applications. They act as a protective barrier, preventing accidental contact with live electrical components and reducing the risk of injury or electrocution. Enclosures also shield sensitive equipment from environmental factors like dust, moisture and extreme temperatures, prolonging their lifespan and minimizing system failures.

Source: Brenco

Using electrical enclosures often helps companies adhere to industry-specific safety standards and regulations, avoiding potential fines or legal issues. Enclosures facilitate organization and efficient cable management within systems, making maintenance, troubleshooting, and upgrades more manageable.

To support designers and engineers, customers provide Brenco with an overall view of the finished product with a few dimensions or a complete 3D model. Brenco then draws and details each individual component or panel of the enclosure. A fabricator and/or welder takes all the individual pieces, assembles them, and welds the parts together. Enclosures may have as few as five components or as many as a few hundred.

Alternative solutions

“Sometimes, a customer may come to our shop to inspect the finished product before it ships out. All of Brenco’s welders are CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certified,” explains McLeod. Electrical enclosures are only one portion of their business. They are also involved in other industries, such as construction, mining, oil and gas, agriculture and transportation.

Brenco values collaboration with its customers, regularly discussing and working with their mechanical designers to address their needs.

“If a customer requests a detail or dimension that is not feasible, practical, or cost-effective, Brenco discusses alternatives and suggests more realistic or cost-effective solutions that still meet their needs,” says McLeod. “These discussions can occur at any stage, from design and quotation to drawing and detailing to the actual construction.”

With one of the largest selections of metal fabricating equipment in BC and more than 72,000-square-feet of production space, Brenco can handle projects of various sizes. The firm’s unique approach to designing and building electrical enclosures, commitment to quality control, and customer collaboration has contributed to their reputation as a dependable partner.

To learn more, visit brenco.com.


Sohail Kamal is EP&T’s West Coast correspondent.



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