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Boost Your Bench’s Memory – For Free

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For a limited time, receive a FREE memory upgrade (up to $600 USD value) with your purchase of select Keysight digital multimeters and function/waveform generators

Keysight’s 34465A/34470A Truevolt digital multimeters give you unrivaled measurement performance that lets you view your true signal while minimizing noise and guaranteeing compliance to industry-leading standards.

Keysight’s 33500B/33600A Trueform function/waveform generators offer you more capability, fidelity, and flexibility with the high sampling rate and bandwidth and ultra-low jitter.

There’s never been a better time to purchase one of these bench instruments! Your free memory upgrade will give your bench a memory boost of up to 2 million readings (digital multimeters) or 64M (function generators) so you can do deeper testing.

In digital multimeters, more memory allows you to do data logging over a longer period of time and store many readings for later analysis. In function/waveform generators, more memory lets you generate complex waveforms with many points for higher time resolution.