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World Optical Fibre & Cable 2023

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October 24 - October 26, 2023

The world’s leading cable producers open the debate

With the rapid acceleration of connected lifestyles in recent times, reliance on strong, robust communications networks has never been more critical. But what does the future hold for the optical fibre and cable industry?

At the CRU World Optical Fibre & Cable Conference this October, you will be able to network, do business and debate with some of the most influential stakeholders in the global fibre and cable market.

This year’s agenda will open with the Optical Fibre and Cable Leadership Panel, featuring YOFC,Corning and Prysmian who will discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead for supplying global fibre and cable markets.

Issues to be discussed include:

  • What are the latest advancements, growth drivers and restraints and how they are impacting the industry, globally?
  • In which regions is the greatest growth expected?
  • What changes are needed to promote investment and competition in the industry
  • Insights on future technologies, R&D activities and new product developments
  • What are the key challenges related to the deployment and maintenance of fibre optic networks, and how these challenges can be addressed?
  • How are operators collaborating with each other and with other stakeholders to drive innovation?

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