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Workshop – Rapid Prototyping

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April 16, 2016

Workshop – Rapid Prototyping with Sketch + Invision

10:00am – 5:00pm


This workshop will get you to dive into UX prototyping using a combination of Sketch and InVision. These immensely popular UX tools have been part of the user- centred design movement that has taken hold of the industry over the past decade.

Prototyping lets you test whether you have the right idea before a large amount spending time and money to actually build it out. A clickable prototype can be used within your office or in the wild with your prospective users to get valuable feedback before you write a line of code.

A prototype can also be immensely useful when pitching your idea to stakeholders if you have no coding background.


If you don’t code, bringing your ideas into reality can seem completely daunting. If you don’t have visual design skills, you may find it hard to even articulate your idea to others. Working with design libraries and prototyping software can help you communicate and prove your idea.


When you have a new idea about what your customers may want, it’s very tempting to start tinkering with code off the bat, you can easily start down rabid holes of perfecting your grid, tweaking animations, or creating the actual functionality. Using design prototyping can help you discover the value and pitfalls of your theories, without sinking a large amount of upfront time.


  • Introduction to UX Design
  • Introduction to Sketch + Design Libraries
  • Creating medium fidelity screens in Sketch (hands-on)
  • Refining and finalizing your mockups (hands-on)
  • Creating an interactive prototype in InVision (hands-on)
  • Suggestions on how to collect and use insights 
Expectations & Requirements

This workshop doesn’t depend on any existing knowledge of design or development. It’s meant for anyone who doesn’t know the UX design process or prototyping, but wants to learn.

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