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Webinar: Windows kernel JTAG-based debug with WinDbg

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December 07, 2023

For the first time ever, a JTAG-based debugger is publicly available to connect WinDbg to an x86 target to debug the Windows kernel. 

Time: 10:30am Central Time

The Windows Debugger (WinDbg) is used widely to perform kernel mode troubleshooting and research. The EXDI (EXtended Debug Interface) API is a public interface which is used to connect WinDbg to an external debugger.

With the new support of EXDI by the SourcePoint JTAG debugger, all of its rich debug and trace features – such as Intel Processor Trace, the Trace Hub, and Architectural Event Trace – are available to users of WinDbg.

In this webinar, ASSET’s Alan Sguigna will demonstrate the integration of WinDbg with SourcePoint via the Intel Direct Connect Interface (DCI) on a publicly available Intel board.

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