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Webinar: Switching to Holographic and Contactless Touch Solutions

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June 23, 2020

Live Webinar: Switching to Holographic and other Contactless Touch Solutions for safer, germ-free interaction

Event to be held Tuesday, June 23 for this ground-breaking webinar on designing and manufacturing safe, interactive displays, presented by Neonode, an industry leader in Contactless Touch Technology.

The current health crisis has forever altered how we interface with ATMs, Restaurant Kiosks, Elevator buttons and other displays and surfaces that are breeding grounds for pathogens and contaminants.

Now there is a remedy: Neonode and their technology partners have designed germ-free interactive holographic and other contactless touch solutions that can be easily designed into new displays, touchscreens and control units, or retrofitted into existing ones.

When: Tuesday, June 23, 2020
Time: 18.00 CET, 12.00 EST, 09.00 PST

CEO, Urban Forssell
VP HMI Products, Johan Swartz
Joseph Shain, IP and Marketing

Live Q&A Chat:
Josefin Johansson, Engineering Support

Be a first-mover in your industry:
Attend Switching to Holographic and Other Contactless Touch Solutions for Safer, Germ-free Interaction — an essential first-step toward providing a responsible solution for safe public interaction. Don’t miss it!

Participants will learn to:
• Design holographic and other contactless solutions.
• Identify key suppliers and products optimized to work together.
• Fast-track prototyping and manufacturing for quick time-to-market.

Who should attend:
Corporate Management
Product Developers
Engineering Managers
HDW/SW Engineers
Systems Integrators
Analysts & Consultants
Journalists and Content Writers

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