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Webinar – Achieving and Maintaining Restricted Materials Compliance

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July 14, 2021

Webinar – Achieving and Maintaining Restricted Materials Compliance

Restricted materials compliance is a continuously changing regulatory environment
Claigan Environmental Inc. will present a webinar on their approach to achieving and maintaining restricted materials compliance for products in a continuously changing and expanding regulatory environment. The webinar will focus on how Claigan achieves, tracks, updates, and declares product restricted materials compliance in an imperfect and complex world.
The requirements for restricted materials are becoming so complicated, so technical, and ever changing that companies are having trouble keeping up. When a company finally gets a product up to snuff, the requirements change. Starting from scratch each time is long, expensive, and is often overkill for most changes.
It’s not just keeping up to date on the back end; you also need to keep your customer facing declarations current. It would be really helpful if you could push a button and produce a compliance declaration for your products.
These are problems that Claigan sees all the time. Claigan has created a flexible approach to managing compliance which can leverage the optimal compliance approach for each regulation and product. One single way to track compliance and produce product declarations, but multiple methods to achieve each specific update. Whether a particular compliance requirement is solved by testing, data gathering, engineering evaluation, or exemption – Claigan’s flexible approach integrates all of these options without trapping you into a single option or expensive software.
The main topics to be covered in this webinar are –
• How to obtain compliance for a new product
• Managing compliance regulatory changes
• Declaring product compliance
• Compliance options for different situations
• Practical examples such as updating to a new REACH SVHC list
• Managing compliance of product families
• Compliance tracking
• Augmenting what you are doing today
Due to the interest in these topics, two (2) webinars will be held on July 14 to accommodate a larger audience.
Webinars – Achieving and Maintaining Product Compliance
Date: 14, July 2021
Time: 10am and 2pm EST
Duration: 1 hour plus Q&A

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