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US Federally Restricted Substances – Webinar

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May 26, 2021

Webinar – Managing New US Federally Restricted Substances

TSCA 5 PBTs and SNUR on perfluoroalkyl substances

Claigan Environmental Inc. will present a webinar on managing the new EPA restrictions for Persistent, Bioaccumulative, and Toxic (PBT) chemicals and perfluoroalkyl substances . The webinar will focus on the substances covered under each requirement, their high risk materials, and common approaches to comply with both requirements.

In January of 2021, the US EPA issued two sets of new US federal restricted materials requirements. Both of these requirements apply to physical products (articles).
The first was a final rule restricting five (5) PBT substances – decaBDE, 2,4,6-TTBP, PCTP, PIP 3:1, and HCBD. This is one of the first US restricted materials requirements applicable to consumer and professional physical products (articles). PIP, decaBDE, and PCTP, in particular, have uses in many products.
The second was a significant new use rule (SNUR) requiring importers of articles containing certain Long-Chain Perfluoroalkyl Carboxylates (LCPFAC) as a surface coating to submit a Significant New Use Notice (SNUN) to the EPA. A common LF-PFAC is the substance PFOA.
The main topics to be covered in this webinar are –
  • TSCA Final Rules (5 PBTs)
  • Explanation of each chemical
  • High risk materials for each chemical
  • Compliance plan for each
  • Overlap in compliance plan for the two regulations
Due to the interest in these topics, two (2) webinars will be held on May 26 to accommodate a larger audience.
Webinars – Managing New US Federally Restricted Substances
Date: 26 May 2021
Time: 10am and 2pm EST
Duration: 1 hour plus Q&A

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