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Seminar: Industrial adhesives

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March 06, 2019
7777, boul. Marie-Victorin, Brossard, Qc, J4W 1B3

Thematic conference on Industrial adhesives in electronic circuits.  Technological advancements continue to evolve in order to meet to the needs of designers.

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Keynote speaker, Dr. Shawn Key, will present a portrait of this manufacturing field, including:

  • a brief history of the evolution of chemicals used to protect electronic circuits;
  • an update of recent innovations;
  • circuit protection and heat management techniques;
  • innovations in the use of solder pastes and equipment that facilitate the application of different chemicals.

Dr. Shawn Key is a chemist. He has over 16 years of experience with industrial adhesive products. He is a member of Ellsworth Adhesives’ Engineering Sales Representatives Group and has been working there since 2011. He solves the difficulties raised by hundreds of companies in eastern Canada and optimizes their procedures.

Ellsworth Adhesives is a global distributor that represents the majority of the manufacturers of chemicals used in the manufacture of printed circuits. The company has been supporting its customers in the design and manufacture of electronic circuits for more than 40 years.

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