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Impact of cybersecurity regulations on electronic design: Webinar

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May 23, 2024

Webinar: the impact of current and future cybersecurity regulations on the design of electronic products

Online Webinar Hosted by ISEQ – Registration is Free

11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. ET

ISEQ is hosting a webinar that aims to help understand the challenges of cybersecurity for electronic products. This webinar is aimed at managers of manufacturing or electronic product design companies in order to keep up to date with international cybersecurity trends and regulations that impact the world of electronic design, development and design. Regardless of the markets served, cybersecurity for electronic products is becoming increasingly standardized. ISEQ will be accompanied by Bernard Lebel , director of cybersecurity operations technologies, RMDS Innovation , specialist in secure-by-design to highlight the information. In his career, Bernard Lebel has led research projects combining AI and cybersecurity of embedded components and has worked on Canadian Defense mandates.

We will have as guest, Jean-Pierre Forté , general manager of Sage Innovation, biotech niche in Estrie who will take advantage of this showcase to present their Health Innovation challenge platform which brings together the technological needs of this sector which can be met by our industry with of cybersecurity.

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