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Identifying Contaminants in Consumer Products: Webinar

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May 19, 2022

SGS, a leading global provider of testing, inspection and certification, is hosting a complimentary webinar, ‘Identifying Contaminants in Consumer Products’.

Ensuring that products are free from contamination is an imperative for businesses manufacturing consumer products, with the consequences ranging from delays or product recalls to fines. But with so many potential sources of contamination, what can be done to ensure impurities are traced accurately and effectively?

This webinar, led by Dr Petra Müller of SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS in Dresden, provides an overview of the analyses which provide vital information about contaminants. Using some of the common locations for issues, such as in bulk materials or particulates, Dr Müller will illustrate the investigation methods available in our service portfolio.

Suitable for professionals in a wide range of industries where cleanliness and purity are key, this event will also include a Q and A session.

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