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Emerging Resilience in the Semiconductor Supply Chain

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June 06, 2024

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Hosted by SIA on Thursday, June 6 at 2 pm ET

Governments and companies across the semiconductor supply chain are taking concerted action to increase resilience. The U.S. CHIPS Act, signed into law in August 2022, committed $39 billion in grant incentives and a 25% investment tax credit (ITC) for semiconductor manufacturing. The European Union (EU) unveiled the European Chips Act, Mainland China initiated the third phase of its Integrated Circuit (IC) Industry Investment Fund, and various other incentive programs emerged or expanded in Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, India, and other countries. In parallel, companies have made significant investments, in both established and new regions. The Boston Consulting Group and SIA recently released a report titled “Emerging Resilience in the Semiconductor Supply Chain” that detailed how these public and private investments are diversifying the supply chain, the areas of the supply chain that still face risk, and the need for continued government action to help sustain resiliency.

Join the lead authors from the BCG/SIA report and staff from the CHIPS Program Office to discuss the changing landscape of the semiconductor supply chain. Panelists include David Isaacs, Vice President of Government Affairs at SIA; Ramiro Palma, Managing Director and Partner at BCG; and Dan Kim, Chief Economist and Director of Strategic Planning and Industry Analysis at the Department of Commerce CHIPS Program Office. The session will be moderated by Robert Casanova, Director of Industry Statistics and Economic Policy at SIA.

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