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Compliance without Complexity – Webinar

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May 06, 2021

Webinar #1: Why is regulatory compliance necessary?

NeuronicWorks has partnered with Nemko, a global leader in product testing and certification services, to present a 4-part webinar series on “Compliance without Complexity”.

Commences @ 11a.m. EDT

This series of webinars will highlight the necessity of regulatory compliance, the benefits of best practices on designing for compliance, the testing and certification process, and focus on key pointers to keep in mind beyond certification.

It is important to aim towards regulatory compliance right from the product design phase. Moreover, compliance regulations can look very different across the globe and right from the start, products should be designed to meet regulations across all intended markets.

This webinar on ‘Why is Regulatory Compliance Necessary?’ is the first part of the series and addresses commonly asked questions on what regulatory compliance is, why it is necessary to be compliant, and who needs to abide by it and how.

Topics Covered:

  • Importance of Regulatory Compliance
  • Typical Compliance Roadmap
  • Debunk common regulatory myths
  • Present a case study

Register and reserve your spot for the webinar today! Space is limited!

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