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Canadian Space Policy Symposium

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November 08, 2016
55 Colonel By Dr, Ottawa, ON K1N 9J2

1st Annual Canadian Space Policy Symposium

Aligning Canada’s Future in Space with Canada’s Innovation Agenda

Canadians have long been known for their creativity and resourcefulness. Our values are driven by innovation and it is that determination that will grow our economy in all sectors, especially space. Innovative Canadians will make substantial contributions at home and abroad to improve the betterment of human-kind.

The Canadian Government is committed to making Canada a global innovation leader through its new initiative”Canada’s Innovation Agenda“. As such, Canadian Space Policy must fall in line with this plan to ensure a long-term and sustainable Canadian Space Strategy. The six pillars of the Canadian Innovation Agenda are integrally linked to how Canadian Space policy will evolve. They are:

  • Entrepreneurial and Creative Society
  • The Ease of Doing Business
  • World Leading Clusters and Partnerships
  • Global Science Excellence
  • Competing in a Digital World
  • Growing Companies and Accelerate Clean Growth

We invite you to attend the 1st Annual Canadian Space Policy Symposium to put forth your ideas, contributions and recommendations in order to inform the Government of Canada on current and future challenges relating to innovation and Canada’s space ‎agenda. By participating in this critical event, you will ensure that Canadian innovation, as a whole, contributes to the long-term space strategy.

The Canadian Space Commerce Association is pleased to be partnering with the Canadian Space Policy Centre (CSPC) where the 1st Annual Canadian Space Policy Symposium will be held in advance of the Canadian Science Policy Conference 2016. The Space Policy Symposium is a one-day event that will bring the relevant stakeholders together to discuss Canada’s space sector in relation to the new Innovation Agenda.

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