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Canadian Mandatory Chemical Survey: Webinar

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August 23, 2023

Claigan Webinar – Canadian Mandatory Chemical Survey Section 71 Chemical Survey Due Jan 2024

Claigan Environmental Inc. will be presenting a webinar on the mandatory Section 71 chemical survey in Canada. This survey is required for companies importing or manufacturing these chemicals on their own, in mixtures, or in articles.

Under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), Canada issues periodic mandatory surveys, such as, the batch 1 chemical management plan survey of June 2023. These completion of these surveys are mandatory for companies importing or manufacturing these chemicals in mixtures or articles (subject to certain criteria). The most recent survey of over eight hundred chemicals was published in June 2023 and is due January 2024.

Section 71 surveys are highly technical and normally involve a combination of specialized resources and product information.

Topics to include

  • Criteria for a company to be in scope
  • Reporting requirements
  • Overview of eight hundred ninety-five (895) chemicals in the survey
  • Example declarable chemicals commonly found in products
  • Compliance process
  • Submission process

Time: 10am and 2pm EST

Duration: 1 hour plus Q&A (like 1.25 hours)

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