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NFC Forum approves global wireless charging specification

Specification Enables Wireless Charging of IoT Devices Using Shared Antenna...


RF inductors boost RF signal quality

TDK EPCOS DEA Family of SIMID Series RF Inductors are 1812-C Qualified and feature ceramic/ferrite and ferrite drum cores with flame retardant molding or a...


IR LED emitter serves remote control units

NTE ELECTRONICS NTE30116 5mm Infrared LED emitter with blue tint lens are used for remote control applications. Device utilizes the 940nm wavelength, whic...


Researchers discover new electronic material for wearables

Stretchable material enables highly visible illumination at much lower operating voltages...


EUV photodetector has 2.5mm circular active area

OPTO DIODE SXUV5 extreme ultraviolet (EUV) photodiode has a circular active area of 2.5mm diameter. Device delivers enhanced responsivity in the 1nm to190...


SoCs are based on RISC-V core

EFINIX Trion Series of three software defined SoCs based on the popular RISC-V core, have been optimized for Trion family of FPGAs and provide a range of c...

EPTECH Trade Shows

EP&T EPTECH Electronics Shows are coming to cities across Canada throughout 2020.

Employing a highly time-efficient table-top display format, EPTECH shows target electronics designers, engineers, technicians, technologists, purchasers, technical managers and researchers.

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CPES 2020
1 Theatre Ln, Brampton, ON


EPTECH Vancouver (Postponed)
2080 United Blvd. Coquitlam, BC V3K 6W3

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Thread Sealants
Henkel Canada Corporation

Henkel Canada Corporation can provide a wide selection of thread sealants that instantly create a durable seal on pipe joints. Our products prevent leak...

Fourslide Products
Bohne Spring Industries Ltd.

A Toronto-based company with over seventy years of experience, Bohne Spring Industries Ltd. takes great pride in our wide range of dependable wire forms...

Custom Metal Fabricators
Matritech Inc.

We are custom metal fabricators and we offer services including engineering, design review, finishing, surface treatment, and assembly. We are able to p...

Chassis, Electronic Equipment
Melitron Corporation

Electronic equipment chassis built to customer specifications are available from Melitron, a leading supplier of metal components and specialist in cust...

Foam Rubber
Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.

Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. supplies medium and soft density open and closed cell sponge rubber in various sizes, cuts, and densities. Foam rubber offers ...

Tool Repair Service
Dobco Equipment Ltd.

Dobco Equipment Ltd. can provide tool repair service for all types of pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, and torque equipment, including all major brands. ...