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BUD’s DPH/DPS Series of heavy rated NEMA 6P / IP68 plastic enclosures, offers the flexibility and protection you need. Now it’s easy to divide the heavy-duty enclosure into sections of different depths and locations. Position optional mounting panels in the base, cover, or in between. 5-Day modification services available.
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MEAN WELL’s LED drivers are rated #1 globally, and are proven for their reliability, efficiency and low power consumption.

HLG, HVG, and XLG are some of the most popular, smart, and feature-rich LED drivers available, with the XLG-100 UL Class P offering seamless integration. MEAN WELL’s LED drivers also offer:
  • A complete 8-1000W product range featuring multi-level dimming, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and DALI 2.0
  • Indoor, outdoor, horticulture, and specialized solutions, with best-cost and premium options
  • Global safety certifications, energy saving regulations, and strong warranties

Diverse Electronics is your authorized MEAN WELL distributor. Click to shop online, and call us for volume pricing. Ask us about the XLG-100 Class P!

Diverse Electronics
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The Strip Series B300 opens new possibilities for fast and reliable stripping of cables with cross-sections from 32 to 8 AWG. Repeat accuracy, mechanical precision and short working cycles ensure high productivity in common strip applications. And the new ergonomic machine design and revised user interface offers unrivalled ease of use.

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Master Bond EP5TC-80 is a flowable paste epoxy featuring electrical insulation and heat dissipation properties for bonding, sealing, and small encapsulation applications. EP5TC-80 contains filler materials allowing it to achieve thermal conductivity up to 3.3-3.7 W/(m•K) while retaining its electrical non-conductivity.
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Join us for Canada’s only nationwide series of electronics manufacturing shows.

EPTECH is a unique trade show that brings together members of Canada’s electronics industry and connects them with the latest products, services and technology in a hands-on, face-to-face environment.

Showcase your products and meet new customers at EPTECH! Sign up today.

Limited seminar spaces are available.
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EP&T Magazine will produce an industry report on the electronics engineering and design sector for Canada. Based on the results of a nationwide survey of electronic engineers and designers, EP&T will reveal where engineering professionals stand with respect to the kinds of creations, challenges, and future developments they are occupied with.
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