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Nano-D connectors are designed to perform at military specification levels for high reliability and to remain working in both portable applications and extreme environments. These devices and the modern chip technology that makes them possible impact circuit board designs as well as connector and cable selections. They are fueling the demand for miniaturization at lower voltages and current levels. Designs include IEEE 1394 fire-wire cable and extend to USB 3.1 formats and CAT 6a wiring. Many of these formats support a wide range of new designs, ranging from circuitry used in small military unmanned vehicles to soldier-worn equipment.
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Aven’s MicroVue digital microscope is the ideal standalone ergonomic inspection system, offering:
  • Large Magnification Range
  • 1080p HDMI Output
  • USB Image Capture – no PC required
  • On-screen measurement tools
  • Built-In LED Ring Light
  • Optional Tilt Table
MicroVue is available at Diverse Electronics, your Aven partner.

Contact us to book a free demo or to customize the system to suit your needs.

Diverse Electronics
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With the high-performance M12 hybrid connector for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE), Phoenix Contact lays the foundation for demanding IIoT applications and the next level of industrial automation. The SPE M12 hybrid connector combines data and power for SPE.

It’s the ideal choice for drive technology, machine building, and robotics. The hybrid design of the SPE connector reduces space, weight, and costs.
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Join us for Canada’s only nationwide series of electronics manufacturing shows.

EPTECH is a unique trade show that brings together members of Canada’s electronics industry and connects them with the latest products, services and technology in a hands-on, face-to-face environment.

Showcase your products and meet new customers at EPTECH! Sign up today.

Limited seminar spaces are available.
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