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Ethernet has become the universal communication protocol in almost every industry. As a result, the vision of a uniform protocol standard for communication from the cloud right down to every sensor is manifesting - and IIoT is becoming more and more of a reality. However, industrial transformation with Ethernet cannot occur without the right infrastructure. In this eBook, we show you how to choose the right Ethernet interface for each application as well as explore the latest developments in game-changing technologies like Single Pair Ethernet.
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The Strip Series B300 opens new possibilities for fast and reliable stripping of cables with cross-sections from 32 to 8 AWG. Repeat accuracy, mechanical precision and short working cycles ensure high productivity in common strip applications. And the new ergonomic machine design and revised user interface offers unrivalled ease of use.

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Get to know WAGO 221 Inline, the newest and most adaptable member of the iconic 221 family. Offering the same tool-free connect-and-release simplicity and reliability of all 221s, Inline takes it to the next level with:

  • Feed-through connection of all conductor types up to 12AWG
  • A compact footprint opening up countless new applications
  • A wide range of mounting adaptors providing incredible versatility

Watch the 221 Inline video ->

Simplify your splices and find endless new applications with the Wago 221 Inline. Order your sample today from Diverse Electronics, your Canadian authorized WAGO distributor. Ships same day before 2pmET.

Diverse Electronics
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Nano-D connectors are designed to perform at military specification levels for high reliability and to remain working in both portable applications and extreme environments. These rugged high-reliability Nano-D connectors occupy less space and reduce the weight of the interconnect system for critical miniaturized electronic modules. Nano-D connectors are available in a range from SMT for printed circuit board surface mounting to straight tails and wired cable.
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IC Sockets • Adapters • Board to Board Connectors

Let Advanced solve difficult design challenges from rugged, high-reliability board stacking to micro flex cable-to-board applications. Specializing in customized interconnect solutions for development, test, validation, and volume production applications. Custom is Our Standard for over 35 years.
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SCHURTER introduces the industry’s first Green Line high-quality IEC Appliance Connectors contributing to less CO₂ emissions and lower material consumption. The new bio-based inlets and outlets are IEC & CCC/UL rated 10 A/15 A at 250 VAC, and the first of many products to come in the company’s sustainable portfolio.
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Say goodbye to traditional screw terminals that are time-consuming and prone to loosening over time. With the Power Cage Clamp, you achieve a strong, vibration-resistant connection every time, saving you valuable installation time and effort.

Whether you're working on industrial machinery, building automation, or home electrical projects, WAGO's Power Cage Clamp Feed Through Terminal Blocks are the ideal choice for secure, efficient, and hassle-free connections. Invest in WAGO's trusted technology and take your electrical connections to the next level. Experience the difference in quality and performance today!

So why wait? Upgrade your electrical and join the growing community of professionals and enthusiasts who trust WAGO for their electrical needs.
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