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Sony Semi invests in Raspberry Pi

Strategic partnership to further enhance edge AI solution development

Detecting exhaustion with smart sportswear

Textile sensor can be used to prevent fatigue-related injuries in sports or at workplace

Mouser signs global disty deal with IST

Mouser Electronics Inc. has reached a new global distribution agreement with Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG, an industry-leading manufacturer of physical, chemical and biological sensors.

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Electrical Safety Testing Doesn't Have to be Difficult

Simplify your work with an instrument that can do it all. Whether it’s AC Hipot, DC Hipot, or Ground Continuity, SCI’s 296 will take your production line to a whole new level. With decades of experience, we’ve been shaping the electrical safety testing industry with our products and expertise. Partner with us and we will ensure you achieve all your goals and meet your requirements. Easily set up your tester and begin testing immediately with the SCI 296. » Learn more

Transparent conductive film set to alter design landscape

Invisible, nano-structured metal mesh is fabricated onto glass or plastic surface » Read More...
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Partner with Phoenix Contact for future-proof networking

Phoenix Contact has the cross-industry knowledge and the corresponding product portfolio to support Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) applications for a wide range of markets. SPE allows Ethernet to reach all levels of automation by enabling IP devices in the field. SPE is the basis for future-proof networking from the sensor to the cloud. The ONEPAIR series of SPE connectors includes M8 and M12 options for easy integration into conventional sensors. You can trust Phoenix Contact to provide consistent quality, reliability, and high performance – every time.

Learn more about the versatility of our data connector portfolio at www.phoenixcontact.com/data-connectors or SPE connectors at www.phoenixcontact.com/spe. » Learn more

Pcb-less pressure sensor IC platform deliver extended robustness

MELEXIS MLX90823 and MLX90825 pcb-less relative pressure sensors can be used in gauge mode (versus the atmospheric pressure) » Read More...

MEMS-based motion sensor is accelerometer, gyroscope in one

WüRTH ELEKTRONIK WSEN-ISDS MEMS-based sensors with a 3-axis accelerometer and integrated gyroscope provides selectable measuring ranges » Read More...

Connected sensor kits enrich IoT device development

INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES XENSIV KIT CSK PASCO2 and XENSIV KIT CSK BGT60TR13C connected sensor kits (CSK) provide a ready-to-use sensor development platform for IoT devices. » Read More...

Stainless-steel connectors serve sensors cabling in harsh environment

BINDER USA M12 Stainless-steel connectors with all external parts – threaded locking ring, housing and pressing screw – are suitable for sensors cabling » Read More...