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Apple to use 100% recycled cobalt in batteries by 2025

Innovation paves new path for key recycled metals in batteries, magnets, pcbs

Mouser to carry Navitas WBG

Covers complete portfolio of wide band-gap semiconductors

Sager Electronics appoints supplier, product director

Holly Myers joins disty as director, supplier marketing and product management

Sponsored Spotlight 

Amplify your Workstation with the Hypot® Series

Bring your production line to a whole new level with our Hypot Series. Whether you need to perform AC Hipot, DC Hipot, or Insulation Resistance, the Hypot Series is the right solution for you. This series is equipped with advanced features that ensures you meet the requirements for your industry, without the need for an intricate automated test system. Increase efficiency and productivity with a tester that can do it all. » Learn more

Power considerations that dictate data centre design

As global reliance on data centres grows, so too does their energy consumption. Improving efficiency even by a small margin would result in a significant reduction in overall energy use. » Read More...

Simulator TOOL tests SiC power solutions

MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY MPLAB SiC Power Simulator quickly evaluates firm’s SiC power devices and modules across various topologies before committing a design to hardware.  » Read More...


Fanless 3-phase power supply delivers 3.5kW

COSEL HCA3500TF fanless 3-phase / 3-wire 3500W ac-dc enclosed power supply, is optimized for industrial equipment » Read More...


High-efficiency buck converters deliver wide-ranging POL versatility

DIODES INC. AP62500 and AP62800 synchronous buck converters deliver continuous output current ratings of 5A and 8A respectively » Read More...

Through-hole, surface-mount dc-dc converters are rated at 6W – 10W

TDK-Lambda CCG6 and CCG10 isolated dc-dc converters are rated at 6W and 10W output, and are available in thru-hole and surface-mount packages » Read More...