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Medical Electronics NEWS 

Medical OEMs partner on device additive manufacturing

Four leading companies in the medical device manufacturing industry, EOS, Tecomet, Orthopaedic Innovation Centre (OIC) and Precision ADM announced a collaborative partnership offering an end-to-end solution for medical device additive manufacturing (AM).

StarFish Medical signs license deal with Cybeats

Contract strengthens cybersecurity risk management, complies with FDA SBOM requirements

Researchers develop injectable bioelectrodes with tunable lifetimes

Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology creates graphene-based conductive hydrogel electrodes

Sponsored Spotlight 

Electrical Safety Testing Doesn't Have to be Difficult

Setup a hands-free test system, reduce testing time, and easily collect all your testing data with the MedTEST System. Our MedTEST System is the complete test solution designed to help medical device manufacturers meet required electrical safety test requirements and conform to the IEC 60601-1 3rd Edition Standard, while simplifying your work in the process. Customize your MedTEST system to satisfy your individual testing requirements including Hipot, Ground Bond, Insulation Resistance, Functional Run, and Leakage Current testing. Increase your productivity and fully automate your electrical safety testing with the MedTEST System. » Learn more
Medical Electronics FEATURE 

5 Valuable uses for stretchable electronic circuits

Printed circuit boards (pcbs) have come a long way in a relatively short period. While rigid and rigid-flex pcbs are still the most common today, flexible circuits are growing in popularity. New materials and circuit printing technologies further this by enabling stretchable electronic circuits. » Read More...
Medical Electronics PRODUCTS 

High-precision sensor is medical-grade

EXCELITAS CaliPile TPiS 1T1386 L5.5H thermopile sensor is a high-precision, medical-grade device designed for remote skin-temperature measurement and temperature control of liquids and gases in medical applications. » Read More...


Anti-surge thick film power resistor enhances power rating

VISHAY INTERTECHNOLOGY Draloric RCS0805 e3 anti-surge thick film resistor in the 0805 case size with a higher power rating of 0.5W, delivers an increased power rating. » Read More...


Power management IC ensures reliable power delivery

NORDIC SEMICONDUCTOR nPM1100 dedicated power management IC (PMIC) comes with a dual-mode configurable buck regulator and integrated battery charger. » Read More...


600W wireless platform simplifies deployment of wireless systems

POWERMAT TECHNOLOGIES PMT350 600W wireless power platform is the next generation in firm’s family of platforms based on its SmartInductive hybrid inductive/resonance technology. » Read More...