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Ceva launches multi-protocol wireless platform IP family

Ceva Inc., the leading licensor of silicon and software IP that enables Smart Edge devices to connect, sense and infer data more reliably and efficiently, launched Ceva-Waves Links, a new family of multi-protocol wireless platform IPs.

DiagnaMed adds U.S. launch site for CERVAI Brain Health AI

World-class consumer brain health and wellness AI solution estimates ‘brain age’

Aspinity launches near-zero power monitoring solutions for automotive security

Aspinity, a global developer of analog processing chips, has launched a suite of analogML algorithms for parked vehicle monitoring.

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Single Pair Ethernet for powerful IIoT devices

With the high-performance M12 hybrid connector for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE), Phoenix Contact lays the foundation for demanding IIoT applications and the next level of industrial automation. The SPE M12 hybrid connector combines data and power for SPE.

It’s the ideal choice for drive technology, machine building, and robotics. The hybrid design of the SPE connector reduces space, weight, and costs.
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Security framework protects automotive image sensor data

There's no doubt that image sensors play a crucial role in advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving. Today, the systems used to deliver the most advanced SAE Level 2 features typically utilize up to six image sensors » Read More...

Inline peak power sensor measures accurate peak and true-RMS

ANRITSU MA24103A inline power sensor measures accurate Peak and True-RMS average power measurements from 25MHz to 1GHz and 2mW to 150W power range. » Read More...


Integrated AMR replaces reed switches, hall effect sensors

TAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR TSHA2101 fully integrated Anisotropic Magneto Resistance (AMR) sensor replaces reed switches and hall effect sensors in industrial applications. » Read More...


Image sensor raises bar for dynamic range with a single exposure

OMNIVISION OV50K40 smartphone image sensor includes TheiaCel technology, reaching human eye-level high dynamic range (HDR) with single exposure. » Read More...


Multi-sensor cellular IoT prototyping platform is battery operated

NORDIC SEMICONDUCTOR Thingy:91 is an easy-to-use battery-operated prototyping platform for cellular IoT using LTE-M, NB-IoT and GNSS. » Read More...


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Accelerating AI Workshop 2024 - May 8th

Online Only – 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm EDT » Read More...

EDS Leadership Summit - May 21 - 24

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