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Semiconductors & Interconnected Devices NEWS 

PEI-Genesis expands into RF connector market

New disty partnerships with Cinch Connectivity and Times Microwave enhance position

Newark expands its interconnect solutions

Interconnect range encompasses a diverse selection of products from connectors to cables

LEMO updates its website

LEMO has launched its brand-new website, designed to enhance the online journey for customers seeking custom connection and cable solutions.

Sponsored Spotlight 

The impressive Bi-Lobe® / Nano-D connector

Nano-D connectors are designed to perform at military specification levels for high reliability and to remain working in both portable applications and extreme environments. These rugged high-reliability Nano-D connectors occupy less space and reduce the weight of the interconnect system for critical miniaturized electronic modules. Nano-D connectors are available in a range from SMT for printed circuit board surface mounting to straight tails and wired cable. » Find your solution
Semiconductors & Interconnected Devices FEATURE 

Safety in medical equipment starts with power input

It is imperative that medical equipment does not pose any danger to patients or medical staff. A piece of equipment that causes a short circuit or residual current can trigger a protective system upstream » Read More...
Sponsored Spotlight 

Phoenix Contact Ltd

Phoenix Contact’s expertise spans a wide range of applications so that you can make power, control, and network connections with absolute confidence. Leverage our extensive development and manufacturing expertise to benefit your individual connection solution. The new portfolio of crimp-based PCB connectors for cable assemblies includes connectors and headers with horizontal or vertical connection direction, as well as panel feedthroughs. Crimp connections make this product series particularly well-suited for automated production. From PCB connectors to PCB terminal blocks and more, you can trust Phoenix Contact to ensure your connections are reliable, so your process runs smoothly. » Learn more
Semiconductors & Interconnected Devices PRODUCTS 

PCIe 6.0 capable micro edge card connector meets CXL 3.0 requirements

SAMTEC Generate HSEC6-DV Series high-speed edge card sockets (HSEC6-DV Series) support 64Gbps PAM4 (32 Gbps NRZ) applications and are PCIe 6.0 capable. » Read More...


Active optical cables serve MIPI D-PHY-based camera interconnects

SILICON LINE & LEOPARD IMAGING MIPI D-PHY-based active optical cable (AOC) products transmit high-resolution camera MIPI signals » Read More...


Reliable RJ45 connectors serve harsh-environments

SWITCHCRAFT/CONXALL END series sealed RJ45 jack modular connector provides reliable, harsh environment performance in a smaller package. » Read More...


Cable-to-cable connectors are rugged, compact

HARWIN Datamate cable-to-cable connectors are reliable, rugged and compact with 2mm pitch and are suitable for many demanding applications on land, sea and air. » Read More...