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Super Spotlight
Brought to you by Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact’s OCS series electronics housings are an ideal choice for autonomous device systems in extreme environments. Learn More

Growing the Canadian semiconductor ecosystem must be a national priority

Semiconductors remain in the spotlight according to leaders at ventureLAB and CMC Microsystems

NY Creates and C2MI partner on collaborative research, workforce development

Expanded partnership aims to establish high-tech U.S./Canada opportunities

Magna inks strategic partnership with Sanctuary AI

Auto parts maker seeks to incorporate AI robots into manufacturing operations


Sonus Microsystems set to transform ultrasound remote monitoring, diagnostic imaging

Vancouver-based medtech firm, Sonus Microsystems, has unveiled what it is calling the “next generation” of ultrasound technology, delivering remote diagnostic imaging, without the need to go to a clinic or hospital. The stagnant development of ultrasound transducers, still primarily rooted in piezoelectric technology, poses challenges in the medical sector where sonographers' expertise is pivotal. » Read More...

Conformal coating protects high-power electronics in extreme environments

HENKEL Loctite Stycast CC 8555 conformal coating protects high-power electronics in extreme environments, backed by its UL temperature and flammability certification credentials. » Read More...


Right-crimp socket delivers design flexibility, space savings

HIROSE DF60 Series includes a rugged right-angle crimp socket that provides design flexibility and space-savings in demanding, power-hungry applications. Enabling a compact design, the right-angle socket has a pitch of only 10.16mm » Read More...


Class I & II industrial 10 to 50W power supplies deliver low output noise

TDK CORP. ZWS-C series of 10, 15, 30 and 50W rated industrial ac-dc power supplies meet EN55011/EN55032-B conducted and radiated EMI in either a Class I or Class II (double insulated) construction, without the need for external filtering or shielding. » Read More...


High performance two-stage EMI filters boost attenuation

EMIS MF410 series of Single Phase Two Stage EMI Filters provide enhanced performance when used in applications with low impedance loads creating pulsed, continuous or intermittent interference noise and where high levels of mains borne interference may be present. » Read More...


EPTECH Toronto - April 17

Sheraton Parkway Toronto North from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Free parking & attendance » Read More...

EPTECH Quebec City. - May 7th

Hotel Plaza Quebec from 10 a.m. to 4p.m. Free Registration & Parking » Read More...