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Feds, Ranovus seek to advance domestic semi production

Ottawa-based player to increase its workforce in Canada to 200 full-time employees

China seethes as US chip controls threaten tech ambitions

Making processor chips requires some 1,500 steps and technologies owned by U.S., European, Japanese and other suppliers.

Huawei profits sink due to sanctions; but sales rise

Huawei reported a higher-than-usual 113.7 billion yuan ($16.6 billion) in profit in 2021 due to the sale of Honor, its budget smartphone business

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Bringing Your Supply Chain Home? Try Interpower® Scheduled Orders!

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Transparent conductive film set to alter design landscape

Invisible, nano-structured metal mesh is fabricated onto glass or plastic surface » Read More...

12mm coin cell holders withstand severe shock, vibration

KEYSTONE ELECTRONICS 12mm coin cell holders serve the demand for printed circuit board designs requiring retention of the 1220, 12mm diameter lithium coin cells. » Read More...


Benchtop dc power supplies sets new standard

B&K PRECISION 9240 Series multi-range dc power supplies combines an easy-to-use interface with advanced list programming features, battery charge mode, and data logging » Read More...


Low current mmWave gain blocks lower noise

CML MICROCIRCUITS SµRF product family CMX90B701 and CMX90B702 low current/noise gain blocks provide an optimal balance between output power, linearity and noise » Read More...


Intelligent power entry modules are next-gen

SCHURTER Smart Connector range includes internal Smart Connector DS11 and external Smart Connector DT31. The DS11 is an intelligent power entry module combining intelligence with a standard IEC 60320 C14 inlet. » Read More...