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Transportation NEWS 

MIPI Alliance and Automotive SerDes Alliance enter liaison agreement

Deal to enable native MIPI CSI-2 implementation with ASA-ML PHY

Western University researchers take self-driving cars next level

In-vehicle cameras monitor driver health and state of mind

BlackBerry software to be used by EV consortium

BlackBerry Ltd. says some of its software and services have been chosen for use in a Foxconn-backed electric vehicle consortium. The Waterloo-based firm says the Mobility in Harmony consortium will use its QNX and Ivy offerings to build the platform.

Sponsored Spotlight 

Next Generation High-Voltage Contactors

TDK’s new HVC27 series gas-filled contactors are designed to meet the demands of high-voltage and high-current DC application like disconnecting high-voltage lithium-ion batteries. Switching voltages up to 1000 V and continuous DC currents up to 500 V.

These hermetically sealed contactors offer an optional hall-effect sensor to detect the switching state of the main contacts. The bidirectional design allows the high-voltage contactor to charge and discharge batteries as well as to power motor drive systems. » Learn more
Transportation FEATURE 

Buying an autonomous EV will be more like buying a laptop

IDTechEx says trends indicate consumers will care more about what chips are in their cars. » Read More...
Transportation Products 

Battery simulator application generates, simulates, performs cycle tests

TEKTRONIX Keithley KickStart Software version 2.11.0 includes enhancements to the Battery Simulator Application. » Read More...


Dual output dc-dc converters serve railway, transportation systems

BEL FUSE RCM300 Series dual output dc-dc converter for railway and transportation systems. » Read More...


Evaluation board aids automotive general purpose designs

NXP S32K344-WB evaluation & dev board for general-purpose automotive and industrial applications is based on the 32-bit Arm Cortex-M7. » Read More...


Connected supercapacitor modules deliver high capacitance, low ESR

KYOCERA AVX SCM Series double-layer, series-connected electrochemical supercapacitor modules can be used by themselves » Read More...