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Power NEWS 

5N Plus powers next-gen energy storage project

Long duration solar energy storage project, now officially declared 'open'

Grengine powers the planet with clean energy solutions

In the expanse of Alberta’s prairies, a clean energy revolution is gaining momentum. Grengine, an Alberta-based clean energy company, is providing off-grid power for electrical appliances, tools, games, and recreation.

How LAVA Computer’s manufacturing is extending the battery life of devices

Ukrainian-Canadian family-run business is keen on optimizing electronic device life

Sponsored Spotlight 

Industrial Single Pair Ethernet Inductors

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is an industry standard that enable connections from the field to the cloud using only one twisted pair of wire, enabling parallel power transfer and using a continuous IP-communication.

TDK is a SPE Industrial Partner Network member and the first supplier to offer all the inductors needed to implement Industrial SPE with and without power transmission using Power over Data Line (PoDL) according to IEEE 802.3cg standard for 10BASE-T1L. Our product offering combined with the additional support will enable you to develop your application faster. » Learn more

How 3D architecture experts created a new and improved battery

Most technologies of the future, such as artificial intelligence, Edge computing, 5G, electric vehicles, augmented reality and virtual reality – all require greater battery energy density. » Read More...
Power Products 

Package technology strengthens battery management MOSFETs

ALPHA AND OMEGA SEMICONDUCTOR MRigidCSP packaging technology for battery management applications is designed to decrease on-resistance while increasing mechanical strength. » Read More...


1/16th brick dc-dc provides 300W at high efficiency

FLEX POWER MODULES PKU4317D series of dc-dc converters come in an industry-standard, low profile, 1/16th brick format, 33.02 x 22.86 x 11.3mm. » Read More...


6W dc-dc converters in DIP-16 package doubles power density

TRACO POWER TEL 6 (2:1 input range) and TEL 6WI (4:1 input Range) families of dc-dc converters provide a power density of 1.6 W/cm3, almost doubling the power density » Read More...


AWG supports high pulse currents, peak power

ASTRODYNE TDI AWG (Arbitrary Waveform Generator) high-frequency switched-mode power supply post regulator for applications requiring pulse currents with high slew rates » Read More...