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PEM® Fastening Solutions from PennEngineering Company offers over 80 years of engineering expertise in electical and electronic applications. Here are two new product series, and a wide range of fasteners for electrical and electronic equipment.
Self-Clinching & Broaching Electrical Pins
PEM® eConnect™ Pin Fastening Technology provides superior electrical connections that mate with major brands of sockets (including Amphenol® SurLok Plus™ Series) that can’t be matched by traditional attachment methods - plus, installation is fast and can be fully automated.
  • Self-clinch for bus-bars
  • Broach & flare for PCBs
  • To 350A
SMD Internal Blind-Hole Threaded Fasteners
Part of PEM’s broad range of fasteners for use with PC boards, the SMTBSO™ ReelFast® Surface Mount Fasteners series feature internal blind-hole threads.

These internal blind-hole threaded fasteners securely mount onto PC Boards in the same manner and at the same time as other surface mount components prior to the automated reflow solder process and require no mounting hole.


Fasteners for PCB and Bus-Bar Applications
Reliable performance of electrical and electronic systems requires reliable, secure performance from the fastening components within.
PCB Fastening Solutions
PEM® offers a number of fastening solutions that utilize surface-mount, broaching, and flaring technology for use with PC boards. Clinch hardware prevents loose hardware that can fall and short sensitive electrical components.
  • Nuts, Spacers, & Standoffs
Right Angle Fasteners
ReelFast® R’ANGLE® surface mount fasteners provide strong, re-usable threads at right angles to PC boards. Get faster assembly, reduced scrap, reduced handling, and reduced risk of board damage.
Threaded broaching studs for use as solderable connectors or as permanently mounted studs on PC boards.
Bus-Bar Fastening Systems
Many PEM® fasteners are designed and developed for a wide range of bus-bar electrical requirements.
Click MORE for details including full specifications on each of these great series.
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