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EPTECH Mississauga, Keynote and Seminars

Time: 10:00 am
Location: Room F
Speaker: Normand Bourbonnais, President, CEO Technum Quebec – Bromont Innovation Zone for Digital Technologies
TOPIC: Re-shoring Semiconductor Manufacturing in Canada – Can we Do it?

Western countries are making massive investments to re-shore semiconductor manufacturing activities and build a resilient supply chain in North America and in Europe. Of late, two major funding efforts have been deployed:
The Chip and Science American Act
The European Chip Act
Under these two initiatives reside an astonishing investment effort made by several major semiconductor players to build new a production plant or expand their current facilities. There is no doubt that in the coming years, the overall installed capacity will quadruple in North America, offering major market opportunities for everyone in the electronics ecosystem across Canada.

Insights into this future endeavour will be provided to those attending this session.
11:00 am   Nemko Session

Location: Room F
Speaker: Gilles Philion
The session will be about the Modular Host Integration Requirements for EMC and Radio

The world is going wireless. From IoT to personal communications to medical devices and beyond, wireless is being used more and more as the communications vehicle of choice. Are you using or considering using pre-approved radio modules? Learn how in this seminar. www.nemko.com
1:00 pm   Conductive Containers Inc Seminar - EMX Enterprises Ltd

Location: Room F
Speaker: Douglas Holtz is the National Sales Manager for Conductive Containers, Inc., the leader in ESD packaging and handling products

The session will be about "ESD Best Practices Packaging, Handling and Storage"

ESD has become an important topic of conversation in the manufacturing process of the electronics industry. As components become more sensitive to damage caused by an ESD, companies must take more precautions to help eliminate and isolate any chance that their products are exposed to situations that could introduce the opportunity for an ESD event. While you can have the most advanced ESD program for grounding, smocks, constant monitoring and such, if care is not taken in material selection for handling, storage and shipping all the hard work on the front end is voided by bad practices on the back end. Considerations concerning handling and packaging are physical, electrical and chemical. This presentation will discuss Best Practices to help improve your overall manufacturing process and improve quality.
1:00 pm   QAI Laboratories Seminar

Location: Room F
Speaker: Parminder Singh, Vice President - Electromagnetic Compatibility Department

The session will be about the Design and mitigation of electrical/electric devices for better EMC performance.
EPTECH provides you with a one-stop opportunity to find the electronic products and services you’re looking for and the opportunity to speak with experts directly to discuss your unique requirements and discover potential solutions.

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Mississauga– Monday October 16
Mississauga Convention Centre
75 Derry Road West | Mississauga, ON

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