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July 18, 2016 by Stephen Law

Low-cost development platform enables IoT projects

NXP FRDM-KW40Z low-cost development kit is enabled by the Kinetis W series KW40Z/30Z/20Z (KW40Z) family and is suitable for IoT designs. Built on the ARM Cortex-M0+ processor, product provides an integrated 2.4GHz transceiver supporting Bluetooth Smart/Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) v4.1…
July 9, 2016 by Stephen Law

Miniature isolated analog I/O modules come with user-defined I/O ranges

ACROMAG microBlox isolated signal conditioning modules (175 models) can safely interface a wide variety of voltage, current, temperature, frequency, and other field signals with a ±5V or 0-5Vdc output to host measurement & control systems. Users can select modules with…
July 7, 2016 by The Canadian Press - With file from USA Today

BlackBerry to end production of Classic Smartphone

A company blog post reaffirms company’s commitment to stay in the hardware market. Meanwhile, the U.S. Senate finally makes the switch from BlackBerry to Android and iPhone.
July 7, 2016 by Deryl Kimbro, senior business development manager and Mehul Udani, general manager, connectivity solutions Group, Murata Americas

Shaping tomorrow’s wearables with today’s sensors and wireless technologies

More than 50 years ago, Intel co-founder Gordon Moore predicted that the overall processing power of computers would double every two years into the foreseeable future. Moore’s Law, as it was aptly coined, denoted that the number of transistors per…
July 6, 2016 by Stephen Law

RFID reader combines hardware durability, software flexibility

HARTING Ha-VIS RF-R300 mid-range UHF RFID reader comes with a compact cast aluminum housing and rugged M12 connectors built in, designed for extremely reliable, long-lasting performance in rough environments. By employing the device in its RFID data network, a user…
July 5, 2016 by Stephen Law

RF measurement option reduces test time on 4G networks

ANRITSU CPRI RF measurement capability in firm’s E series of Site Master, Spectrum Master, and Cell Master handheld field analyzers simplifies and lowers the cost of testing Remote Radio Heads (RRHs) installed atop 4G towers. Option reduces network OpEx by allowing…
June 30, 2016 by Stephen Law

U of Waterloo communications device now orbiting space

A one-of-a-kind communications device developed by researchers at the University of Waterloo is now orbiting the Earth as a central component of a microsatellite launched in Sriharikota, India on Tuesday to test new technologies in space. The product of several…
June 21, 2016 by Stephen Law

Bandwidth, IoT, 5G drive decade-high attendance at IMS2016

Annual microwave week draws nearly 10,000 attendees creating wireless future
June 4, 2016 by Stephen Law

Services tailored to RF, microwave applications

LASER SERVICES Microwave industry supplier provides services and techniques for RF and microwave applications. Relied upon for various integrated circuit and substrate processing, firm provides laser ablation, cutting, drilling, scribing, etching and welding from its fully-equipped and stocked facility located…
May 24, 2016 by Stephen Law

Queen’s U to unveil world’s first wireless flexible smartphone

ReFlex phone simulates feeling of navigating pages via haptic bend input
May 19, 2016 by Stephen Law

Gap Wireless distributing iBwave Wi-Fi Suite

Provides bundled cloud-connected products to streamline the in-building Wi-Fi network planning
May 11, 2016 by Stephen Law

RF IC encourages proliferation of passive entry, low-power tracking systems

MELEXIS MLX73290-A low power wireless IC solution provides a sophisticated multi-channel RF transceiver, combined with a 3-dimensional low frequency (3DLF) interface that supports ultra-low power operation. Through its integration of sub-GHz RF and low-frequency technologies, device is highly optimized for…