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Thermal management

February 25, 2018 by Stephen Law

CompactPCI serial chassis platforms serves many markets

PIXUS TECHNOLOGIES line of enclosure systems based upon CompactPCI Serial backplane form factor includes architecture used in a wide range of markets. The cPCI Serial chassis platforms leverages a vast, modular range of enclosures used in various 3U/6U Eurocard systems. The…
February 14, 2018 by Stephen Law

Reflowable thermal switch protects against thermal runaway

SCHURTER RTS compact reflowable thermal switch for thermal protection of power semiconductors such as MOSFETs, ICs, IGBTs, TRIACs, SCRs, etc. Due to their inherent self-reinforcing heat-producing behavior, these components can overheat and lead to thermal runaway. Device prevents overheating by…
February 7, 2018 by Stephen Law

Handheld enclosures come in many colours with battery compartment

HAMMOND 1553 handheld enclosures are manufactured in rugged ABS and available in three sizes 117 x 79 x 25mm, 117 x 79 x 32mm and 147 x 90 x 25mm. All models are moulded in UL94-V0 flame ABS, while a…
February 6, 2018 by Stephen Law

Automotive-grade fan driver ICs lower EMI, acoustic noise

MELEXIS US168KLD and US169KLD automotive-grade fan driver ICs for driving single-coil brushless dc fans and motors are suitable for automotive applications and where a highly reliable, ultra-small solution is needed. Devices ensure low levels of EMI and acoustic noise. Configured…
February 1, 2018 by Stephen Law

Cabinet condition monitor solves non-hazardous areas

TURCK CHARTWELL CANADA IM12-CCM (Cabinet Condition Monitor) cabinet guard is capable of monitoring moisture and temperature limits, while also detecting incorrectly closed doors. As an added benefit, the device monitors unauthorized access to switch cabinets, providing protection against manipulation in…
January 31, 2018 by EP&T Magazine

Electro Sonic launches customer web portal

Electro Sonic, Markham ON, Canadian distributor of electromechanical, interconnect and passive components recently introduced a customer web portal that provides customers with immediate access to price and availability on more than 1-million part numbers. “With our new web portal, customers…
January 31, 2018 by Stephen Law

Fin design on liquid cold plates boosts performance 30%

ADVANCED THERMAL SOLUTIONS High-performance liquid cold plates are constructed with a fin design that features an optimized aspect ratio, delivering more than 30% improvement in thermal performance compared to other commercially-available cold plates. Products are lightweight and compatible with industry-accepted…
January 26, 2018 by Stephen Law

Cooling units boost efficiency, deliver output range of 2 to 6kW

RITTAL Blue e+ series of cooling units enhances efficiency by 75% with an output class of 1.6 kW. Products improve performance in terms of connectivity, safety and handling. In addition to the CULUS listing, units also have a UL listing…
December 14, 2017 by Stephen Law

Thermoelectric modules deliver precise laser diode cooling

LAIRD OptoTEC Series Thermoelectric module (TEM) accommodates a laser diode butterfly package. Primarily used to stabilize the temperature of sensitive optical components in telecom and photonics industries, device is designed for applications that have lower cooling requirements of 10 watts…
December 5, 2017 by Pixus Technologies

11 Myths about the MicroTCA backplane-based architecture

This article helps clear up misunderstandings and misconceptions surrounding the high-performance MicroTCA backplane-based embedded architecture.
December 2, 2017 by Stephen Law

Thermal interface material available in sheets, custom sizes

FUJIPOLY AMERICA Sarcon GR14A-50GY low-cost general purpose thermal interface material comes in sheets or custom shapes to fit specific design requirements. When placed between heat-generating components and a nearby heatsink, this 0.5mm thick, highly conformable gap filler pad can transfer…
December 1, 2017 by Stephen Law

PC software simplifies EMC pre-compliance testing

SAELIG EMCView PC Software simplifies the process of EMC pre-compliance testing of radiated and conducted emissions. EMCView complements an emissions test setup of a spectrum analyzer, an LISN (Line Impedance Stabilization Networks) and an EMI-quiet TEM (Transverse ElectroMagnetic) Cell. Built-in…