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October 19, 2015 by Stephen Law

Handheld combination analyzers provide coverage to 50GHz

KEYSIGHT FieldFox handheld analyzers includes six new millimeter-wave models to the product family. The flagship model is a handheld combination analyzer to provide coverage to 50GHz, featuring more built-in capabilities than similar devices. Products can replace three or four single-function…
October 13, 2015 by Stephen Law

Protocol exerciser tests PCI Express 4.0 technology

TELEDYNE LECROY Summit Z416 PCI Express (PCIe) protocol exerciser/analyzer for testing PCI Express 4.0 designs and products addresses the needs of PCI Express developers by providing high performance 16 GT/s traffic generation on devices with link widths up to 16…
October 6, 2015 by Stephen Law

Oscilloscope delivers low-noise performance of ATI architecture

TEKTRONIX DPO70000SX Performance Oscilloscope Series includes 50GHz and 23GHz models. product provides low-noise performance of the patented asynchronous time interleaving (ATI) architecture for technologies such as 28GBaud PAM4 and Kband frequency testing. Units p[rovide compact dimensions and built-in scalability using…
October 3, 2015 by Stephen Law

TestEquity relaunches with broader mission and a million new products

Value-added distributor of test and measurement equipment expands to include everything for pcb assembly, rework and repair
October 2, 2015 by Stephen Law

Instrument provides NIST traceability for RF power sensors

TEGAM model 2505A provides full NIST traceability for the calibration of RF power sensors from 9kHz to 18GHz in one unit. Device is compatible with firm’s current PMX calibration system and can be added by the customer in minutes. It…
September 29, 2015 by Stephen Law

Rugged handheld field solution ensures optical performance of mobile networks

ANRITSU OTDR modules for Network Master Pro MT1000A all-in-one transport tester operate standalone or be simultaneously installed with available multi-rate transport modules to create a rugged, handheld solution that field technicians can use to ensure the optical performance of mobile,…
September 29, 2015 by Stephen Law

Visible camera on thermal imager improves accuracy

SAELIG THT45 Thermal Imager is a compact, infrared and visible camera that provides a bright 2.8″ color LCD display and a measurement update frequency of 50Hz. Device is intended for infrared non-contact temperature measurement from -20C to 350C. Each IR…
September 28, 2015 by Stephen Law

Data loggers simplify shock & vibration recordings

DTS TSR data logger with built-in ±20g sensor range is a complete measurement solution for short duration tests and long-term monitoring. Unit has built-in XYZ accelerometers that eliminate the need for time-consuming sensor hook-up, an internal battery and simple software.…
September 24, 2015 by Charles Cimino, marketing director, Keithley Instruments, a Tektronix Company

Proper techniques critical to ensuring integrity of low current measurement applications

Ensuring the accuracy of low current measurements requires an understanding of both the advantages and limitations of the instrumentation used, as well as an awareness of sources of error that can limit their sensitivity. Source measure unit (SMU) instruments (Figure…
September 24, 2015 by Stephen Law

Vickers hardness testing machines handle many workpieces

MITUTOYO CANADA New generation HV-100 Series Vickers hardness testing machines are high-quality digital systems that offer complete control of test force for testing many workpieces. Product provides measuring resolution of 0.1?m enabling small indentations to be measured with high precision.…
September 24, 2015 by Stephen Law

CO lasers enhance capabilities for medical applications

COHERENT J-35µm next generation carbon monoxide (CO) laser enhances processing characteristics for materials processing applications ranging from glass cutting and via drilling, to fractional skin resurfacing. Devices output at a wavelength of approximately 5µm, as opposed to 10.6 µm for…
September 22, 2015 by Stephen Law

Photovoltaic array simulators test, optimize inverter MPPT algorithms

N8937APV and N8957APV photovoltaic array simulators help engineers develop, verify and maximize the performance of inverter maximum power point tracking algorithms and circuits. Products can be used in a laboratory or on a manufacturing line to simulate the output characteristics…