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September 24, 2015 by Stephen Law

CO lasers enhance capabilities for medical applications

COHERENT J-35µm next generation carbon monoxide (CO) laser enhances processing characteristics for materials processing applications ranging from glass cutting and via drilling, to fractional skin resurfacing. Devices output at a wavelength of approximately 5µm, as opposed to 10.6 µm for…
September 22, 2015 by Stephen Law

Photovoltaic array simulators test, optimize inverter MPPT algorithms

N8937APV and N8957APV photovoltaic array simulators help engineers develop, verify and maximize the performance of inverter maximum power point tracking algorithms and circuits. Products can be used in a laboratory or on a manufacturing line to simulate the output characteristics…
September 18, 2015 by Stephen Law

3D AOI system maximizes ROI, line utilization

CYBEROPTICS SQ3000 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system maximizes ROI and line utilization with multi-view 3D sensors that capture and transmit data simultaneously and in parallel, accelerating 3D inspection speed versus alternate technology. The proprietary Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) technology combined…
September 8, 2015 by Stephen Law

5G Channel sounding reference solution accelerates research

KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES 5G channel sounding Reference Solution accelerates advanced research of millimeter-wave 5G channel models and includes ultra-broadband and MIMO, key requirements to measure the millimeter-wave channel and validate new air interface standards.  Among the mobile broadband requirements of 5G…
September 8, 2015 by Stephen Law

Software, wireless test tools simplify installation, setup

FLUKE Connect Assets is a cloud-based wireless system of software and test tools that gives maintenance managers a comprehensive view of all critical equipment, including baseline, historical, and current test tool measurement data, current status, and past inspection data – enabling…
August 18, 2015 by Stephen Law

High voltage differential probes are 2kV, 8kV safety-rated

TELEDYNE LECROY HVD3206 2kV safety-rated and HVD3605 8.4kV safety-rated high voltage differential probes provide improved performance and meet specific industry test needs per the latest industry standards. HVD3605 is safety-rated for 8485V (dc + pk ac) and 6000Vrms for the…
August 12, 2015 by Stephen Law

Test solution validates source, sink and dongle devices across all data rates

TEKTRONIX MHL 3.0 advanced analysis and compliance test solution for the latest (CTS 3.2) Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) standard and provides complete support for validating source, sink and dongle devices across all three data rates: 6Gbps, 3Gbps and 1.5Gbps. Product…
August 10, 2015 by Stephen Law

Spectrum analyzers probe broadband, pulsed signals

ROHDE & SCHWARZ FSW85 high-end signal and spectrum analyzers handle easily, while simplifying complex measurement tasks in the fields of automotive radar, 5G and other wireless communications standards or aerospace and defense. Unit covers the frequency range from 2Hz to…
July 28, 2015 by EP&T Magazine

Software simplifies multichannel data acquisition systems

KEYSIGHT U1092A AcqirisMAQS Multichannel Acquisition Software provides features for massively multichannel acquisition systems, evolved together with firm’s latest technologies, including M9709A AXIe 8-bit high-speed digitizer. Software is designed specifically for large multichannel acquisition, enables configuration management as well as visualization of…
May 19, 2015 by EP&T Magazine

The key to early 5G investigation – test tools for new network paradigms

The explosion of wireless data demand continues, with analysts predicting between 20 and 50-billion devices by the year 2020, ranging from M2M devices that transmit a few bytes per day to applications that stream multiple high definition video channels. Studies…
May 3, 2015 by EP&T Magazine

techniCAL signs distribution deal with TEGAM

Hamilton ON-based techniCAL Systems 2002 Inc. has been appointed the Canadian distributor for Tegam Inc., Cleveland OH, manufacturers of a wide variety of test, measurement and calibration instruments. For the past 36 years, Tegam has enhanced its internal product development…
April 18, 2015 by EP&T Magazine

Saelig to distribute Teledyne LeCroy T&M equipment

Saelig Company Inc. has been appointed as an authorized distributor by Teledyne LeCroy Corp., manufacturer and supplier of oscilloscopes and serial data solutions. The deal makes Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes, arbitrary function generators and logic analyzers available to Saelig’s huge customer-base…