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November 26, 2015 by Stephen Law

High-bandwidth optical receiver pairs with oscilloscope

TELEDYNE LECROY IQS series of Coherent Optical Receivers deliver high bandwidth and enable the creation of flexible, modular systems with improved performance and ease of use. When combined with firm’s LabMaster 10Zi-A oscilloscopes and integrated Optical-LinQ analysis software, products test…
November 23, 2015 by Stephen Law

Multimeter problem solves in industrial environments

IDEAL INDUSTRIES 490 Series Datalogging Digital Multimeter provides problem-solving technology and a hardened all-weather housing for industrial environments. Unit is extremely user-friendly with its auto-sensing functions, easy-to-read backlit LCD and simple toggle operation. Product package includes software, USB cable, test…
November 22, 2015 by Stephen Law

techniCAL now distributing ROTRONIC and SIKA instruments

Hamilton ON-based techniCAL announced that that it is now distributing ROTRONIC Instruments, suppliers of a comprehensive portfolio that includes handheld instruments, measurement transmitters, industrial sensors, OEM products and data loggers. Rotronic measuring devices do service in the most varied areas…
November 18, 2015 by Stephen Law

Electrochemistry lab systems speed, simplify lab experiments

KEITHLEY 2450-EC and 2460-EC graphical touchscreen Electrochemistry Lab Systems are flexible interactive solutions that provide an easier method for conducting a range of electrochemistry experiments, including cyclic voltammetry, chronoamperometry and chronopotentiometry. Both units are housed in a compact package that enables…
November 10, 2015 by Stephen Law

Single-instrument solution reduces test cost, speeds test time

ANRITSU BERTWave MP2100B single test solution supports simultaneous BER measurements and eye pattern analyses for more efficient and accurate evaluations of high-speed optical modules and devices used in data-center servers and network devices. By combining the measurement capability of two…
November 5, 2015 by Tami Pippert, Keysight Technologies Inc.

PAM-4 creates new test challenges

For five decades, digital electronics has flourished by transmitting 1’s and 0’s using NRZ (non-return to zero) signaling across communication channels. Clever engineering coupled with printed circuit board and semiconductor advances have allowed ever-increasing clock rates. In fact, our industry…
November 4, 2015 by Stephen Law

Clamp meters add logging, wireless data transfer

FLUKE CONNECT 370 FC Series Clamp Meters log measurements to pinpoint intermittent faults precisely without the need for the technician to be present. Measurements are then wirelessly transmitted to the corresponding Smartpone app and automatically uploaded to the cloud, keeping…
November 2, 2015 by Stephen Law

150MHz signal generators boost performance

TEKTRONIX AFG3151C and AFG3152C 150MHz Arbitrary/Function Generators deliver 25 percent more bandwidth and 59 percent more output zone with +/-5 Vdc offset at the same price as competitive offering in this segment. Products deliver leading price-performance at a popular bandwidth…
October 29, 2015 by Stephen Law

Multiple Frequency Harmonic Comb Injector Greatly Eases EMI Testing

PICOTEST USB Harmonic Comb Injector test signal generator for EMI testing applications is a fast, easy-to-use, ultra-portable harmonic comb signal generator for interrogating your Power Distribution Networks (PDN) to identify noise sensitivities. Product includes impulse & square wave outputs and…
October 28, 2015 by Stephen Law

PXIe vector transceiver speeds solution creation, reduces test times

KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES VXT PXIe vector transceiver fully calibrated instrument module provides vector signal generation and analysis in four slots. With accelerated measurements and deep software, unit is purpose-built for rapid solution creation and faster throughput in manufacturing test of wireless…
October 27, 2015 by Stephen Law

Bench LCR meter provides sweep, bin sorting functions

B&K PRECISION Model 891 300kHz bench LCR meter is compact and can measure inductance, capacitance and resistance with 0.05% best impedance accuracy over a fully adjustable test frequency range of 20Hz to 300kHz. With a 300-point linear and logarithmic sweep…
October 24, 2015 by Stephen Law

Optical spectrum analyzer combines performance with ease of operation

YOKOGAWA AQ6375B optical spectrum analyzer operates in the Short-Wavelength Infrared Region (SWIR), covering wavelengths from 1200 to 2400nm. Unit combines high measurement performance with ease of operation and includes a gas purging feature, a built-in cut-off filter, data-logging capabilities, a…