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March 19, 2020 by Stephen Law

Wideband RF signal analyzer also records streaming

TEKTRONIX RSA7100B wideband RF signal analyzer and streaming recorder for engineers working on the latest wideband designs in communications, radar and electronic warfare, provides more than 2.5-hours of streaming RF storage at 800MHz real-time bandwidth and its 16kHz to 26.5GHz…
March 18, 2020 by Stephen Law

Entry-level oscilloscope delivers pro functionality

KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES Four 2-channel models of the InfiniiVision 1000 X-Series oscilloscopes provide 50MHz to 200MHz bandwidth including professional-level measurements and capabilities at an affordable price, including a standard decode function for five serial data protocols and remote connection via local area…
March 5, 2020 by Stephen Law

Signal analyzer accelerates innovation in wireless comm

KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIESN9021B MXA X-Series Signal Analyzer provides design validation and manufacturing engineers with enhanced phase noise performance at higher frequencies, and includes software that improves workflows while meeting 3GPP 5G new radio (NR) compliance standards. Units provide an enhanced frequency…
March 4, 2020 by Stephen Law

High-power digital amplifiers speed transportation design test

ACA TMETRIX AE Techron 8500-series wide-bandwidth, high-power digital amplifiers are fast enough for dc automotive dropout testing and capable of ac voltages required for ISO 61000 and aviation testing. Units provide low enough noise and distortion specifications to be the…
March 2, 2020 by Stephen Law

Boundary scan delivers ease-of-use

XJTAG 3.10 JTAG boundary scan test solution enhances ease-of-use by introducing an automated method for dealing with the situation when design updates occur on the board being tested, and a simple way to override the default settings of global variables…
March 1, 2020 by EP&T Magazine

ACA TMetrix signs disty deal with Gauss Instruments

Gauss Instruments, a Germany-based manufacturer of ultra-high-performance EMC test equipment and provider of advanced EMI test solutions has signed a distribution agreement with ACA TMetrix Inc., Mississauga ON, a leading supplier of test instruments and design tools. The agreement gives…
February 28, 2020 by Stephen Law

Wireless test set speeds automatic LTE C-V2X device evaluations

ANRITSU Two software options for MT8870A Universal Wireless Test Set to measure RF characteristics of 3GPP-compliant LTE-V2X (PC5) devices, help facilitate the smooth rollout of cellular-vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) commercialization. With the software, test set allows automotive chipset and module manufacturers to…
February 28, 2020 by Stephen Law

MSO boosts performance with 5GSa/s sampling, 4GSa deep memory

PICO TECHNOLOGY PicoScope 6000E Series 8-channel 500MHz mixed-signal oscilloscope provides 8 to 12 bits of vertical resolution, 5GSa/s sampling rate and 4GSa memory, allowing units to display single-shot pulses with 200ps time resolution. PicoScope 6804E provides 8-bit A/D resolution and…
February 25, 2020 by Stephen Law

Power supplies boost efficiency with up to 4 independent channels

ROHDE & SCHWARZ NGP800 power supply series includes two and four channel models, and further extends the functions and performance available for dc power. Unit boosts the efficiency for any test and measurement application requiring up to four independent dc…
February 24, 2020 by Stephen Law

Digital microscope’s advanced tools speed failure analysis

OLYMPUS DSX1000 digital microscope can measure and observe a variety of materials, while providing high- and low-magnification accuracy and precision in a single instrument for users in the electronics, metal, semiconductor, automotive, aerospace and medical device manufacturing industries. Unit provides…
February 5, 2020 by Stephen Law

Electrical test solution serves USB4

TELEDYNE LECROY QualiPHY USB4 Electrical Transmitter (Tx) and Receiver (Rx) Compliance Test Software (QPHY-USB4-TX-RX) is designed for LabMaster 10 Zi-A and WaveMaster/SDA 8 Zi-B oscilloscopes, used in conjunction with Anritsu’s Signal Quality Analyzer-R (SQA-R) MP1900A BERT. This combination provides USB4…
February 1, 2020 by Stephen Law

Test socket handles next-gen PoP devices

IRONWOOD ELECTRONICS Grypper/G40 test sockets (part number 109111-0003) allow testing of the newest generation of Package-On-Package type LPDDR5 devices that have 496 Ball 0.4mm pitch, with speeds up to 5500Mb/s. Socket fits to the same location/pcb footprint as the device allowing…