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July 17, 2017 by Stephen Law

Batteries are made from 99.99% pure lead

CYCLON batteries from Enersys are made from 99.99% pure lead, while the plates are extremely thin, so they provide more surface area than conventional batteries and far more power. High purity acid is absorbed right into the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)…
July 16, 2017 by Stephen Law

Industrial ac-dc switching power supply boosts power density

POWER SOURCES UNLIMITED Cincon CFM300S Series open-frame industrial ac-dc power supply provides 300W of regulated power in a 3” x 5” footprint. Unit meets the radiated and conducted emission requirements for EN 55032, EN 55024 Class B. Unit measures 76.20…
July 14, 2017 by Stephen Law

High-performance battery holders solder easily

Keystone high-performance, battery holders for cylindrical batteries comes with solder lug contacts, which simplify assembly of wires to the holders and easily connect solder lugs to solid or stranded wires with or without female quick fit terminals or crimp connectors.…
July 14, 2017 by Stephen Law

60V low IQ synchronous step-down controller operates at up to 2.25MHz

Linear Technology LTC7800 synchronous step-down dc-dc controller operates at up to 2.25MHz for reduced circuit size and increased power density. Device’s low 45ns minimum on-time enables 24VIN to 3.3VOUT conversions while switching at a fixed 2MHz, avoiding critical noise-sensitive frequency…
July 12, 2017 by Stephen Law

Piezoelectric sounder produces detectable warnings

MURATA PKMCS1818E20A0-R1 piezoelectric sounder for automotive applications enables reflow mounting as an effective countermeasure against irregular mounting and abnormal sound. Product has a sound pressure level of 100dB at 100mm and measures 18 x 18 x 8mm. Device’s wide operational…
July 10, 2017 by Stephen Law

30W railway dc-dc converters deliver RIA12 surge withstand capacity

ABSOPULSE  DCR 30R-F0 series railway quality dc-dc converters provides an input voltage surge that withstands capacity 3.5 times greater than the nominal input voltage for 20 milliseconds, which ensures that the converters meet RIA12 railway specification. 30W units also meet…
July 4, 2017 by Stephen Law

Power connectors boost linear current density

POSITRONIC Eclipse hybrid power & signal connectors deliver high degree of linear current density, which is achieved by product’s copper alloys that are low in resistance and firm’s precision machining process. Device’s female contact geometry enhances normal force against the…
June 26, 2017 by Stephen Law

Industrial power supply delivers 3200W output

TDK-LAMBDA TPS3000-48 3,200W 48V model power supply is 2U high and delivers 3200W output power (44V at 133.3A) and operates from a wide range Delta or Wye 350 – 528Vac three phase input. The high voltage, three-phase input avoids the…
June 23, 2017 by Stephen Law

Compact size power supply boosts performance

EMERSON SolaHD SVL Series DIN rail power supplies deliver all the basic advantages of power quality technology in a compact, easy to install design. Products are suitable for high volume, controlled environments where essential features are the sole requirement. Devices…
June 20, 2017 by Stephen Law

Triple-output power supplies simulate problems early in design cycle

KEYSIGHT  E36300 Series triple-output programmable dc power supplies are equipped with a large color display, intuitive user interface, modern device connections via LAN (LXI, USB and optional GPIB). Product’s ‘normal mode’ noise specifications assure quality power for precision circuitry applications,…
June 19, 2017 by Stephen Law

5W ac-dc power supply provides 4000Vac isolation

AIMTEC AMEM5-Y 5W ac-dc power supply provides 4000Vac isolation enclosed in a low height profile of 1×1 inches pcb mountable package. High power density converters provide a 10,000 µF Maximum Capacitance load and many protective features such as over load,…
June 13, 2017 by Stephen Law

Power supply boosts reliability, efficiency in industrial areas

GE Resilient 3000 (EP3000AC48IN) power supplies are specifically designed for general purpose industrial applications, providing 3,000-watt in a user-friendly design. Unit eases the implementation process for all users regardless of experience level or design sophistication. Unit’s rugged design includes a…