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February 12, 2016 by Stephen Law

5-inch TFT modules come with controller board

WINSTAR TFT Q Series family now includes WF50Q 5.0” TFT modules featured with SSD1963 controller board, plus a 36 pin-out connector on board. Device is featured with 8 bit or 16 bit options and already defined pin no. 33 ~…
January 29, 2016 by Stephen Law

AptoVision unveils new engine for advanced AV signal processing

Plethora: Multi-function chip replaces multi-chipset solutions
January 28, 2016 by Stephen Law

LED building block suits designs with white, color lighting

CREE XLamp XQ-A LED compact, ceramic-based device enables lighting manufacturers to quickly and cost-effectively expand their product portfolios by leveraging an LED design that is similar to that of the proven and reliable XQ-E. With a broad range of color…
January 20, 2016 by Stephen Law

Baanto advancing the touchscreen industry

Mississauga firm signing significant international deals
January 12, 2016 by Stephen Law

TFT display model features a carrier board with LVDS interface

WINSTAR 5.7” TFT WF57B TFT display model features a carrier board with LVDS interface display module. LVDS is already common place across a variety of applications particularly in industrial and consumer markets and further adoption of LVDS in embedded applications will…
January 11, 2016 by Stephen Law

OLED popularity driven by rise in electronic design applications

OLED technology continues on its path of becoming the leading lighting choice among designers and end-users, according to a recent report from Allied Market Research. Its characteristics of being thinner, brighter, more lightweight, with improved power efficiency and higher contrast…
December 29, 2015 by Stephen Law

TFT displays deliver wide viewing angles

Winstar Display WF35L series of medium size O-Film TFT displays provides wider viewing angle technology. The 3.5” modules, suitable for industrial applications, enhance TN glass viewing angle and can overcome gray scale inversion. Devices come with the module dimension of…
December 22, 2015 by Stephen Law

Panel-mount light pipe provides flush mount countersink design

BIVAR PLPC series press-fit, panel-mount light pipe provides flush mount countersink design. Product allows for a broader range of panel thicknesses and provides an ideal solution for applications with overlays. Available in 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm sizes, in a range…
December 21, 2015 by Stephen Law

Automotive image sensor provides LED flicker mitigation

ON SEMICONDUCTOR AR0231AT 2.3 megapixel (MP) CMOS image sensor provides LED Flicker Mitigation (LFM) technology suitable for automotive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) applications. Capable of capturing 1080p high dynamic range (HDR) video, device includes features that support Automotive Safety…
December 19, 2015 by Stephen Law

Photo detectors come in surface mount packages

MARKTECH OPTOELECTRONICS Avalanche Photo Detectors (APD) in surface mount packages are available in two optimized wavelengths 800nm and 905nm.  Devices are available in a choice of circular 0.04 or 0.2mm² active area’s and are housed in a LCC3 or LCC6…
December 16, 2015 by Stephen Law

Emerging display market expected to triple

OLEDs will lead the way - Quantum dot LCDs will grow fastest
December 14, 2015 by Stephen Law

LCD integrates PCAP touch panel solution

TIANMA NLT USA TM070RVHG50-00 7.0-inch diagonal TFT LCD module includes a 7-inch WVGA PCAP touch panel display providing increased durability, smooth operator interface, multi-touch functionality and clear image quality needed for industrial, commercial, medical and other applications. Device utilizes a-Si…