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December 11, 2016 by Stephen Law

Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) photodetector is low-noise

OPTO DIODE SXUV20C low-noise, extreme ultraviolet (EUV) photodetector provides a large 20mm² circular active area that provides a substantial surface for easy alignment to the EUV laser. Device boosts responsivity in the 1nm to 200nm wavelength region and is stable…
December 3, 2016 by Stephen Law

High-intensity LEDs come in wide range of sizes

DIALIGHT 670 Series LED Panel Mount Indicators provide high-visibility and a wide range of sizes and operating voltage in high-durability housings. Devices provide high-intensity daylight visibility hundreds of times brighter than its 600 Series predecessor. Products are available in 2,…
December 3, 2016 by Stephen Law

Compact, robust sensor IC comes with accurate sensor functionality

MELEXIS MLX90819 sensor IC is targeted at measuring mid pressure (10-50bar) levels, applying its proprietary micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) technology. Available as a bare die, device runs off a standard 5V supply and can be employed to accurately determine fluid pressure…
November 24, 2016 by Stephen Law

Annular quadrant backscatter detectors operate at 350nm – 1100nm

Annular Quadrant Silicon Photodiodes operate between 350nm to 1100nm and are used for backscatter reflectivity measurements. The silicon (Si) quadrant detector provide an annular package design and includes a 200µm laser-cut hole on the chip and the header that enables…
November 22, 2016 by Stephen Law

Optical encoders boost CPR resolutions

US DIGITAL E4T line of miniature optical encoders now provide an additional 400 and 500 cycles per revolution (CPR) resolutions, represent up to a 38% increase in available CPR and now support applications requiring up to 2000 pulses per revolution.…
November 21, 2016 by Stephen Law

RGB LED provides independent control of red, green, blue chips

VISHAY VLMRGB6112 high-brightness, tricolor LED optimized for interior automotive lighting, RGB displays and backlighting. Device provides separate red, green and blue LED chips inside the compact 3.5 mm by 2.8mm by 1.45mm PLCC-6 surface-mount package. Device enables individual control of…
November 18, 2016 by Stephen Law

Opto reflector system mounts directly onto COB LED system

KHATOD OPTOELECTRONIC reflector system can be directly mounted onto COB LED systems equipped with any standard adaptor or holder complying with Zhaga standard, having 35mm and 25mm spacing between the holes for the fixing screws. Product provides high diffusion flux and…
November 7, 2016 by Stephen Law

Broadband infrared LED emitter serves near-infrared spectroscopy

OSRAM SFH 4735 LED emits broadband infrared light in a wavelength range from 650 to 1,050 nanometers (nm). Device is based on a blue chip and a special phosphor converter. Product’s main application is near-infrared spectroscopy for analyzing food quality.…
October 31, 2016 by Stephen Law

Future extends global franchise deal with Delta Products

Future Electronics, a global distributor of electronic components, has announced a newly expanded worldwide franchise agreement with Delta Products Corp. industrial, medical and lighting power supply group, adding to the fans and filters already available through Future in North America.…
October 8, 2016 by Stephen Law

SMT LEDs available in low profile SMD package

KINGSBRIGHT Comprehensive range of low profile, surface mount LEDs are 1.1mm high, provide a viewing angle 120° and are available in red, green, yellow and blue colours with a super bright red option. LEDs are available in 0603, 0805 and…
October 7, 2016 by Stephen Law

TFT LCD module delivers 1024×600 pixel resolution

Winstar WF70BSIAHLNN0 LVDS 7-inch TFT WF70B high brightness TFT LCD module provides resolution of 1024×600 pixels. Display comes with a LVDS interface of 40-pin, including typical brightness 1100cd/m2 and operating temperature ranges from -20C to +70C and storage from -30C to +80C. Device…
October 6, 2016 by Stephen Law

Next gen 5.7” LCDs provide 4 VGA, 2 QVGA resolution

NLT Technologies Ltd. six new 5.7-inch TFT LCD modules for industrial display applications includes four with VGA resolution and two with QVGA resolution. Units provide a built-in LED driver board, wide operating temperature range (-30C to +80C), high contrast ratio…