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February 27, 2020 by Stephen Law

Spring-loaded connectors delivers tiered contact arrangement

MILL-MAX Single and double row First Mate/Last Break (FMLB) spring-loaded connectors support applications where electrical signals must be made and broken in sequence rather than all at once, such as in hot swapping or hot plugging. Devices can be used…
February 26, 2020 by Stephen Law

Miniature connector supports weight, space reduction requirements

ODU-USA AMC advanced miniature connector portfolio is suitable for applications that require significant weight and space reduction. Product series delivers high performance data transmission, high reliability and easy handling. Product portfolio includes a USB 3.1 Gen1, USB 2.0, Ethernet and…
February 22, 2020 by Stephen Law

Ethernet RJ45 jacks meet 1G, 2.5G standards

STEWART CONNECTOR 2.5G RJ45 connectors provide versatility and reliability for IoT applications where 1G and 2.5G Base-T Ethernet connectivity is required. Supporting speeds from 10/100BT through 2.5G, devices address crosstalk and return loss issues that are commonly found in 2.5G…
February 18, 2020 by Stephen Law

Panel mount connectors handle high-speed data transmission

BINDER M16-X Series 415 8-contact male/female cable connector is suitable for high-speed data transmission with shielding to protect signal integrity, and IP67-rated ingress protection to withstand harsh environments. Device has a rated voltage of 50Vac/60Vdc and is available with an…
February 15, 2020 by EP&T Magazine

PEI-Genesis, TE Connectivity expand partnership

Disty adds industrial unit to current AD&M solutions
February 14, 2020 by Stephen Law

Ruggedized SMA connectors serve harsh environments

AMPHENOL Rugged Connector (ARC) series now includes SMA devices specifically designed to boost performance in harsh conditions, making them suitable for outdoor applications where extreme weather conditions may be a consideration. Interconnect solutions are rated IP67 in both the mated…
February 11, 2020 by Stephen Law

Coloured, overmoulded connectors simplify complex cabling

CONEC M12x1 Connectors overmoulded with coloured plastic coupling screw/nut are suitable for municipal technology and the agricultural sector. Options to choose between five colour variants (black, white, yellow, red, blue, green) simplifies the assignment of complex cabling and with a…
February 3, 2020 by Stephen Law

High frequency waveguide straights, bends, twists range from 90 to 220GHz

PASTERNACK Series of waveguide transmission components, such as straight sections, bends and twists are commonly used in satellite communication, radar and airport security system applications. Devices are available in high frequency ranges from 90GHz to 220GHz in three waveguide bands,…
February 1, 2020 by Stephen Law

Test socket handles next-gen PoP devices

IRONWOOD ELECTRONICS Grypper/G40 test sockets (part number 109111-0003) allow testing of the newest generation of Package-On-Package type LPDDR5 devices that have 496 Ball 0.4mm pitch, with speeds up to 5500Mb/s. Socket fits to the same location/pcb footprint as the device allowing…
January 28, 2020 by Stephen Law

Solder splices are closed-end sealed

NTE ELECTRONICS 76-CESS-xx series closed-end sealed solder splices provide a heat-shrinkable thermoplastic sleeve containing a spiral-wound copper insert. The insert is fitted with a pre-fluxed solder band. Product series is colour-coded for easy identification. Simply determine the wire combinations (numbers…
January 20, 2020 by Stephen Law

Relays meet high inrush capability needs

TE CONNECTIVITY OJT 10A series TV-8 rated OJT relays meet market needs for high inrush capability, without sacrificing valuable pcb space. The need to embed more functionality into smaller spaces is becoming a requirement for engineers designing new applications. Device…
January 17, 2020 by Stephen Law

No soldering required for press-fit ICMs

BEL MAGNETIC SOLUTIONS MagJack single and dual port 1GBaseT Press-Fit Integrated Connector Modules (ICM) are designed for applications and processing scenarios that require a connector that can be pressed onto the pcba instead of traditional soldering techniques. Products can also be…