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Creating 2D heterostructures for future electronics

New research integrates nanomaterials into heterostructures, an important step toward creating nanoelectronics...


High-temperature industrial thermal camera delivers non-contact measurement

FLIR SYSTEMS TG297 industrial thermal camera provides non-contact high-temperature measurement and thermal imaging for professionals in one tool. The versa...


Conformal coating machine has servo-controlled four-axis motion option

PVA Delta 8 four-axis conformal coating machine comes with the optional servo-controlled four-axis motion, featuring valve tilt and rotation. Product inclu...


Major enhancements made to MIPI Camera Serial Interface-2

MIPI CSI-2 v3.0 includes features intended to enhance contextual awareness in mobile, client, automotive, industrial IoT and medical use cases...


Chassis platform comes with 9 or 16-slot OpenVPX 6U backplanes

PIXUS TECHNOLOGIES RiCool OpenVPX chassis platform line includes chassis configurations for 9-slot and 16-slot OpenVPX backplanes, which come in the 6U hei...


EMA Design Automation marks 30 years

Rochester-based provider of electronic design automation (EDA) solutions remembers milestones, innovations and accomplishments...

  • Challenges in the electronics supply chain

    EP&T spoke with Mark Burr-Lonnon, senior vice president of global service & EMEA and APAC business at Mouser Electronics Inc., Mansfield TX.  Q. Electronic component shortages
  • Drive Hockey goes ‘top shelf’

    Vancouver-based start-up DRIVE Hockey Analytics is deploying embedded sensors in rinks to give players, coaches and parents analytical data on how players are playing. If this sounds a bit l
  • BlackBerry QNX embeds itself in the auto world

    For 20 years, BlackBerry QNX, the automotive-focused business arm of BlackBerry Ltd., has been a global supplier of software platforms and engineering services to the auto industry, with dep
  • Connecting with history

    Intro Samtec Inc., a global leader in the electronic interconnect industry, participated in the process of restoring the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC), to commemorate the 50th anniversar
  • The case for diamond semiconductors

    As we continue to enhance the technology within our electronics to create devices that are smaller, more powerful and more energy-responsible, we’ve begun implementing Wide Bandgap (WBG) s

EPTECH Trade Shows

EP&T EPTECH Electronics Shows are coming to cities across Canada throughout 2019.

Employing a highly time-efficient table-top display format, EPTECH shows target electronics designers, engineers, technicians, technologists, purchasers, technical managers and researchers.

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CIX Summit 2019
525 Bay St Toronto ON


FitC Spotlight Design Ethics
25 York Street Toronto, ON M5J 2V5


Automotive Testing Expo (ATE) 2019
46100 Grand River Avenue Novi, MI, 48374


CCI Open House
#13 - 13140 88th Avenue, Surrey B.C. V3W 3K3

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Push Pull Control Cable
Bergen Cable Technology, Inc

Our Push Pull, Pull Pull control cables offer a top of the line option for transferring motion. Easy to install and with a wide variety of applications...

Shrinkable Tubing
Daburn Electronics & Cable and Polytron Devices

We offer heat shrinkable tubing that can be used on objects of irregular shape without splitting, melting, or cold flowing.  It is available in a v...

Plug Caps

For more than 30 years we have provided our client base with the best plugs and caps in the market. MOCAP high performance securing products, parts and ...

Degreasing Metal Cleaning Products
Vibra Finish Limited

Degreasing metal cleaning products from Vibra Finish Ltd. help get rid of harmful materials and help your parts work like they’re new again. Caked...

Hot Bearing Alarms
Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd.

We offer a variety of sensors and alarms for bearing protection in engines, pumps, compressors, electric motors, and more. Our products include bearing ...

Chevrier Instruments Inc.

We offer hygrometers with a variety of features and benefits available. At Chevrier Instruments Inc., our hygrometers help you measure the air humidity ...