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Gould Fasteners Ltd
Among the most widely used and trusted fasteners in the world are screws. From home repairs to workplace use in a broad range of industries, people everywh...

Welding Cable
Lincoln Electric (Canada)
Lincoln Electric can supply a wide range of welding cable. Some of the different types available include control cable, control/weld cable, power cable, se...

Electric Motors
Motion Industries Canada
At Motion Industries Canada, we provide the industry’s most complete line of electric motors and automation. With over 7,000 AC induction and gear mo...

Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.
Since 1973, Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. has been manufacturing top-quality chains and sprockets, and today, we are the largest sprocket manufacturing facility i...

Hydraulic Manifolds
Wainbee Limited
We supply a variety of hydraulic manifolds made by leading manufacturers such as Clippard and Parker Hannifin Corp. The selection of manifold types we can ...

Gould Fasteners Ltd
The world of fasteners encompasses a broad range of products, including bolts, screws, nuts, latches, spacers, and rivets – all available in Canada from ...