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Foot Operated Switches
Linemaster Switch Corp.
The leading foot switch manufacturer worldwide, Linemaster Switch Corp. designs and produces electric, air-powered, variable speed and wireless foot contro...

Ventilating Blowers
Hi-Tech Duravent
We manufacture many types of flexible ducting and hoses that are ideal for use with ventilating blowers. Hi-Tech Duravent has the industry¿s...

Code, Standards and Regulations
CSA Group
Codes and regulations from CSA Group can help keep you informed about necessary rules in your industry. Ignorance of these policies can be devastating for ...

Sugatsune Canada Inc
For a secure holding of doors, this article features a glimpse of Sugatsune’s collection of non-magnetic catches for architectural and industrial applica...

Material Handling Equipment
Dobco Equipment Ltd.
Dobco Equipment Ltd. can supply a complete selection of material handling equipment. Some of the equipment we carry includes hoists, jib cranes, rail syste...

Wainbee Limited
Wainbee Limited stocks a full inventory of fittings for any hydraulic, pneumatic, or instrumentation application.  These fittings are built by expert ...